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2nd Routine:
Chinese 12 Zodiac Fist (2)
4th Routine:
Yellow Dragon Sword (2)
8th Routine:
Tian Feng Taiji Fan (3)
5th Routine:
Red Plum Blossom Sword (2)
6th Routine
Pine Blossom Sword (2)
9th Routine:
Tian Feng Double Fans (2)
3rd Routine:
Yan Yang Sword (2)
1st Routine:
Hui Shen (Body-Turning) Fist (2)
7th Routine:
Butterfly Flowering Sword (2)
Tian Feng Fist Series
by Tian, Wei
About the form: Tian Feng Fist was created by Lady master Wei Tain who is a well-known wushu master in traditional taoist kungfu. He scientifically modified traditional routines, combining performing arts & qigong theory to create this new type of wushu. Frequent and stable practice of Tian Feng fist can grow your body qi and express more energetic mental status.
102 mins
116 mins
112 mins
89 mins
93 mins
100 mins
101 mins
105 mins
151 mins
Hui Shen Fist is a traditinal Wudang routine. Wudang master Wong Jian Zhong taught lady Tian Wei this routine. The routine has agile & beauticul body movements with firm fist movements.
This routine is imitating 12 Chinese Zodaic signs' movements. They are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar. It has the benefits of improving actual strength of your body, footwork, palm, waist, ankle, & knee.
Upon the basics of traditional routine, Lady Tian Wei created this contemporary routine balanced with the beauty of dancing. Agile & pretty. A sword play with high performing arts value.
China ia home od Dragon. Many Kungfu imitates the characteristics of the dragon. This sword play shows the strength, nimble, vigor of Chinese dragon.
Red Blossom Sword is arranged and created based on a traditional song <Red Blossom>. Sword movements narrates the story in the lyric.
A smooth, straight forward sword routine, like a heavenly steed soaring across skies and chasing stars pursuing moon.
Tian Feng Single Fan Routine is the most well-known routine in the series. It was chosen to be played in the returning ceremony of Macau in 1999. On the stage, over thousands people were playing this routine. Most movements were combined with performing arts to create an artistic routine. It's a long fan routine, so Lady Tian Wei simplified the entire routine and performed and instructed a simplified version on disc 3.
Double Fan routine is based on single fan routine. The beauty and ingenious movements are even more distinguished than single fan. Skillful arms, wrists, & hands operate in coordination. Two fans act like wings of butterfly flying among flowers.
This sword paly has many "winding-around" movements. Sword follows the body movements up & down, like butterfly circling among clowers, as it is entitles. Movements contain both hardness and softness, likeregular sword play and also llike dance. This program divided into 7 sections. Disc1 covers the demonstration of entire routine, footwork, & step by step instruction on Section 1 to 3. Disc 2 covers the remaining sections.
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VCD set US$19.99
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