Tang Shou (Tong Hand) DVD Series
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by Peng, BiPo
(15th generation inheritor of Tang Shou)
In 8 months in 2010, Peng BiPo was awarded 11 gold medals by performing Tang Shou in different competitions:
(1) 3/2010 - Champion of the 8th International Wushu Festival (traditional routine) in Hong Kong
(2) 3/2010 - 2 gold medals awarded in 2nd Chinese Wushu Competition in Macau
(3) 6/2020 - 2 gold medals awarded in National Wushu Performance Conference in Baoji, Shanxi Province.
(4) 6/2010 - 1 gold medal awarded in 1st Jingzhou GuanYu Falchion Meet in Jingzhou ancient city
(5) 8/2010 - 1 gold medal awarded in National Wushu Competition in AnYang, Henan Province
(6) 10/2010 - 2 gold medals awarded in 8th Zhangzhou International Wushu Festival in Zhangzhou
(7) 10/2010 - 2 gold medals awarded in 4th World Traditional Wushu Festival in ShiYan
Tang Shou: Fundamentals and Fist
Item Code: TSD01
Content: 1 DVD discs          Duration: 70 mins
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Tang Shou: Applications
Item Code: TSD02
Content: 1 DVD disc          Duration: 44 mins
Was US$19.99
NOW US$12.99
Tang Shou (Tong Hand) was a traditional and old offensive wushu. It was an overbearing form featuring fast and clear-cut and its attacking power to knock down opponent in one attack. Tang Shou mainly are methods of palm. Skilled graping methods with hidden kicking. Methods of fist and elbow assists in attack. Outstanding hand techniques.
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Language: Mandarin Chinese
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