Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist DVD Series
Performed and explained by Xia, Shaolong
About the Performer: Lecturer Xia Shaolong is the 7th inheritor of Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist . He is also the Chairman of Shaolong Martial Arts Club in Qingdao City, Sandong Province.
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Luan Jie
Item Code: PMD02 Content: 1 DVD disc
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Duration: 54 mins
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Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist is one of the 8 important & famous fists in China. WIth its great power, cohesive hand techniques and linked fighting methods, it has played an important role in free combat techniques of martial arts in China, Luan Jie is a very important fist routine of Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist as well as its "mother" fist. It mainly practices the force of hand tips.
Beng Bu
Content: 1 DVD disc
Item Code: PMD03
Duration: 56 mins
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As Luan Jie, Beng Bu is also a "mother" fist routine of Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist. It is simple in hand techniques, quick in releasing force and stamp to help produce force. Its movements are skillful, compact and continuous. The whole set of movements are small, low, quick, fierce, stable, and rapid. Its main hand techniques are hooking, plucking, twisting, catching, buckling, drilling, chopping and beating. In demonstration, it needs to activate wrist, twist waist, sit crotch and buckle knees. It is specially fit for free combat.
Di Gong (Ground Skill) and Free Combat
Item Code: PMD04 Content: 1 DVD disc
Was US$19.99 Duration: 60 mins
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Praying Mantis Fist absorbs praying mantis's spirit including high concentration, stoutness, and wisdom. In hand techniques, it skillfully adopts quickness and flexibility from praying mantis's forearms in hooking, hugging, flapping, chopping, etc. As to body techniques, it uses flexibility of praying mantis' waist in relying on, prostrating, twisting, and revolving; As to footwork, it absorbs praying mantis' steadiness, and activity in dodging, stretching, and the essence of Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist.
Ba Zhou (8 Elbows)
Item Code: PMD05 Content: 2 DVD discs
Was US$29.99 Duration: 119 mins
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Tai-Chi Praying Mantis Fist stresses the spirit over the shape. It emphasizes particularly on praying mantis' body. The practice of Tai-Chi hand and cold rooster step have a rule of slanting postures and frontal bones, clumsy force channel and vigorous body force. Guided by Ba Zhou, it practices force of the whole body. Ba Zhou (8 elbows), in fact, contains 30 movements of elbows.
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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones,
Mandarin Chinese,
2 subtitles (Simplified
Chinese/ English)