Actual Combat of Chinese Martial Arts:
Taiji Applications DVD Series

(Subtitles: English, Chinese)
by master Zhang, Dongwu
12 generation disciple of Chen style taijiquan
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Taiji Athletics Push Hand Actual Combat Skills
Item Code: SDD06
Duration: 50 mins
Content: 1 DVD disc
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Taiji Athletics Push Hand Actual Combat Skills (Competation routine) was established by Zhang Dongwu based on his 6 years championship experience and the actual combat experience in National push hand competition and International Taiji Annual Meeting in Weng City of China, following the rules of the competition and the essence of traditional Taiji push hand skill. Through this program, you could understand the competition rules and the secret to be the champion.
Actual Combat Skill of Traditional Taiji Push-hand
Item Code: SDD07
Duration: 111 mins
Content: 2 DVD discs
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The actual combat skill of traditional Taiji Push Hand was evolved from 3rd methods, "Hand along with Steps", among 5 Chen style taiji push hand methods. It clearly explained the usage of eight forces in acutal combat. They were Ward-off, Roll-back, Pressing, Push-down, Pull-down, Spliting, Elbow, & Leaning.
Taiji Free Fight Actual Combat Skill
Item Code: SDD08
Duration: 54 mins
Content: 1 DVD disc
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NOW US$12.99
Taiji Free Fight Actual Combat Skills is the extension of Taiji push hand skill. When you practice the taiji structure, forms, & Taiji push hand for a period of time, you can begin to practice the Taiji free fight. This program mainly demonstrates the efficient methods to relieve and initiate counter-attack when the opponent attacks you in differnt ways.
Taiji Capture
Item Code: SDD09
Duration: 50 mins
Content: 1 DVD disc
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This Taiji Capture program was guided by the theory of Taijiquan, using a little amount of forces to defeat strong opponents. Every movements inherited the essence of "Chan Shi Gong". Its usage corresponded to the mechanics theories, like level centrifugal force, screw forces etc. You could control opponent through the action of carve, capture, lock, clasp, wrench, point, twine, and slice.
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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones, Language: Mandarin Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese & English