Taiji Applications DVD Series
Performed and explained by Wu, Shi Jun
Assistant Performer: Liu, Jian Guo
About the Performer: Wu Shi Jun is 11th generation inheritor of Chen style Taiji Quan. He passed 7th level wushu evaluation test. National 1st grade wushu judge, coach, famous wushu master.
About the series: Practical Taiji Quan Combat Techniques are important parts of Chinese wushu. They provide useful offensing and defending skills. For some reasons, the practice of Taiji Quan deviates from the application in real combats, making the exercisers unable to grasp the truth of this art and so many years of hard training results in the impossibility to apply. The essence of Taiji Quan is how to use it wisely. Movements look simple. They are  nothing but open and close movements, advance and withdrawal, but talent usage of form decides  the victory or defeat in an insatnt.
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Correct Applications of Pushing & Parrying Techniques
Duration: 65 mins
Item Code: SDD02
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This disc begins with how to join hands, including single push hand at fixed stance, double push hand, & single push hand at active stance, explaining in detail that the purpose of Push Hand in Taiji Quan is to move in curve and punch directly. Keep the opponent at arm's length and push him down unexpectly. Meanwhile it emphasizes the 8 principles of stake exercise and how to take a favorable position. One must know when to induce and when to attack and the advantage of turning the waist.
Techniques of Induce & ChinNa
Item Code: SDD03 Duration: 58 mins
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This program consists of Basic Induce, Technical Induce, Capture (ChinNa), and Counter-capture. The first 2 parts tell how to turn wrists, elbows, and shoulders and how to defense in different situations, revealing the advanced use of push hand of taiji quan. The techniques include inducing, folding, force-borrowing, and parrying. In the last part, many examples are used to illustrate the cautions and solutions in different combats, the essentials and common characteristics of capturing (ChinNa), and counter-capturing.
Applications of Throwing & Pushing Techniques
Item Code: SDD04 Duration: 60 mins
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This program consists of 4 parts: Induce and Resolve, Close Elbow, Leg techniques, & Comprehensive combat techniques. Induce and Resolve features combat techiques of taiji quan including coordination of stance and hand techniques, fully revealing "Association of mind & internal strength moves every part of the body". Close Elbow are techniques of elbow, shoulders, & hip pushing. Leg techniques and comprehensive combat techniques emphasize wise usage of form in combats. In the end, by explaining the parry techniques, it emphasizes the technqiues of dodging & throwing of opponents.
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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones,
Mandarin Chinese,
2 subtitles (Simplified
Chinese/ English)