Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan DVD Series
by master Sun, Jianyun
About Performer: Direct disciple of Sun style Taiji Quan, one of the top ten great wushu masters in China, President of Beijing Sun style Taiji Quan Research Committee.
Sun style Tai Chi Chuan
Item Code: STC001
2 DVDs, Duration: 90 mins.
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The most basic features of Sun Style Tai Chi Chaun is the combination of the essential techniques of XingYi (Form and Will Boxing), Bagua (8 Diagrams Palm) and Tai Chi Chuan.  It requires the "follow up step" when advancing and the "draw in step" when retreating. Each movement is flexible and natural. The movements of the whole routine are continuous and smooth, like floating clouds and the flowing water.  A move leads other parts of your body to move and a stop leads them to pause, so it's called Open and Close Tai Chi Chuan.
Sun style Tai Chi Sword
Item Code: STC002
Single DVD, Duration: 61 mins.
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The single exercise series of Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan Sword is divided into two parts.  The upper sward is from the 1st to 38th form.  The lower sword is from the 39th form to the end.  The two swords can be combined for single exercise or divided for attack and defense exercise.
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Demonstration of Sun style Tai Chi Chuan
Item Code: STC003
Single DVD, Duration: 61 mins.
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This is a selection of the essential performances of Sun style taiji quan, sword & etc., combining the core techniques of Xinyi (Form & Will Boxing), Bagua (Pa Kua, Eight Diagrams Palm) and Taiji quan. Demonstrated and explained by Sun Jianyun, the direct disciple of Sun-style Taijiquan, one of the "China's Top Ten Great Wushu Masters", the president of Beijing Sun-style Taijiquan Research Committee,
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