Southern Shaolin Temple Kungfu
Fa Men Fist Series
by coach Liu, Yan Feng
Mu Niu Fen Jin Step (1)
Fa Men Fist: Fundamentals (2) Er Fang Kai Chai Step (1)
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This routine belongs to "semi-still standing posture". Foused on training steady lower body, how to use softened forces on two hands. still movements with qi flowing and using qi to lead forces. Entire routine is mainly soft movements. Not to use "hard" forces.
Er means two; Fang means defense; Kai means open; Chai means taking apart. This routine is a major routine in Fa Men Fist. Open & wide movements; practical attacking techniques; slanting step & regular step in harmony. Defending post in the middle of the body.
It is one of the foundamental routine in Fa Men Fist. It included the basic footwork, hand, eye, body, & breathing methods. This routine also called " Shi (Ten) Xiao (Small) Pan (fundamental structure) Hand methods"
Shun Fan Kai Chai Step (1)
Butterfly Falling on Ground (1)
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A major routine in Fa Men Fist. Smooth & fagile movements. Softness & hardness in one. Using qi to lead force. Consistency of body movement & breathing methods is important.
Shun means smooth flowing; Fan means reverse; Kai means open; Chai means taking apart. This program introduced the sparring techniques in Fa Men Fist. Smooth advance & retreat footwork.
Fa Men Broadsword (1)
Fa Men Staff (1)
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This broadsword routine contains Pi, Liao, Xiao, Chang, Guo, Jia, Kian, & La...techiques. Simple & smooth footwork. Agile body movements.
This staff routine is one of staff routine in Nan Quan. Featuring staff not away from body, ending of the staff not beyond the circle. Major staff movements are Dian, Pi, Tiao, Lian, Sao, Xiao, Liao...
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