Southern Shaolin Temple Kungfu
Zhi Men Fist Series
by coach Zhou, Zhi Qiang
About the performer: Coach Zhi Qiang Zhou is now the secretarial offical of ZhangShu City Wushu Association in JiangXi province & the Vice President of Taiji Association of ZhangShu City.
Zhi Men Fist: Fundamentals (1)
Zhi Men 8 Methods (1)
Zhi Men Fist: Bi Zhi, Xi Zhi (1)
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This program introduce the basic forms of Zhi (word) Men (gate) Fist. Basic hand forms are fist, hook, finger, LiuYe Palm, Dragon Claw Palm; Basic step: Horse step, Arrow step, Side Open step; Basic hand methods: Ni hand, Gua hand, Yuan hand, PaoTou hand, TiLan hand; Basic footwork: Following step, Crane step, Triangle step, Arc step. It also includes 5 DanChou skills. It is important to be familar with those forms for further Zi Men Fist training. An integrated routine of Zhi Men Fist. It has 43 forms including Zhi Men 8 major techniques (8 "Zhi"), 10 major hand methods & 5 major leg methods. This routine has lucid and lively movements & fully represneted the harmony of hardness & softness.
"Bi" means blocking. Bi Zhi is blocking skills. It includes left, right, cross, & escape blocking. Training tips: be fast & agile, be resolute & decisive. "Xi" means suck & swallow. This routine is focus on "swallow" opponents' forces & elimating opponents' attack. Associating with blocking skills to reach excellent result.
Zhi Men Fist: Qian Zhi, Na Zhi (1)
Zhi Men Fist: Chan Zhi, Tui Zhi (1) Zhi Men Fist: Yuan Zhi, Duo Zhi (1)
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"Qian" means following & smoothly flowing. This routine focuses on using opponents' forces against oppinents, avoiding direct hit, inducing opponents to fall. Major methods are: Shun (following) Qian, Chang (winding) Qian, San (avoiding) Qian, & Bi (blocking) Qian. "Na" means press. A wait-for-opportunity routine focuses on "attaching" & "pressing" skills. Light forces with heavy forces within.
"Chan" means detect & search. Using fake movements to detect opponents' movements. Observe opponents' weakness or lead opponents to show his weakness, then attack the weakness. Featuring light hand methods, light footwork. "Tui" means push. A routine that mainly on pushing techniques. It includes "NianTie (attaching) Tui", "SanRang (yielding) Tui", "Ning (twist) Gua (suspend) Tui" & "Qian (follow) Tou (hold) Tui". Training tips: straight wrist, bended waist, fast & short hand methods.
"Yuan" means save & help. It is an emergency defense technique. It includes left & right, insidde & outisde, upper & lower "Yuan" skills. Featuring movements with symmetry & protecting any possible weakness. "Duo" means rob/ taking something by force. This routine is majorly teach you how to skilly get the attacking opportunity, space, location, & forces from opponensts and use it for yourself.
Zhi Men Fist: Sparring & Sanshou (1)
Zhi Men Fist: Spear Staff (1)
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A summarized fighting techniques of 18 "Zhi" (word) in Zhi Men Fist. It fully shows the characteristics of internal wushu, using softness to defeat hardness, like water can breaks through solid stone.
A major weapon routine in Zhi Men Fist. It combined the skills of staff & spear. Major techniques are: quan, Dian, Pi, Sao, Tiao, Jiao, Che, Lan, Na, Zha, Chuo... etc.
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