Shen Style Wushu Series
by Master Li, Kai Bing
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XinYi HunYuan Tai Chi Chuan
2nd Routine: New Frame (3)
Cannon Fist 2nd Routine(1)
XinYi HunYuan Tai Chi Chuan
1st Routine: Old Frame (4)
XinYi HunYuan Tai Chi Chuan
Health Preserving Gong (1)
5 Elements Hammer Fist (1)
Cannon Fist 1st Routine (1)
Demonstration of Shen Style Wushu (1)
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About the performer: Master Kai Bing Li is Shen Style Wushu 3rd generation kins inheritor and he passed 6th garde wushu evaluation test.
This 76 movements tai chi chuan was created by master Shen Zhi Long. This routine retains the traditional movements in tai chi chuan and provides fundamental understanding of internal gong which helps learner to accumulate his/her internal energy. Movements are well-developed for both offense and defense purpose.
This routine was created by master Shu Yan Chen, 2nd generation inheritor of Shen style Wushu, based on Old Frame routine. It was specially created for the public providing a easier form to learn comparing with Old Frame routine. It retains the characteristic of Old Frame routine.
This form was also created by master Shen Zhi Long. Simple & smooth breathing. Movements covers the training of Shaolin, Hsing-I, Tonbei, Bagua, & Taiji. It follows the theories of qi & meridians. It helps qi running in the body.
This routine is a rare traditional routine. It contains around 30 movements covering different leg methods, footwork, body methods, eye methods, & hand methods. Entire routine is reasonably connected with different attacking techniques and it creates its own specialty.
This routine contains additional 30+ movements on 1st routine. It covers different leg methods, footwork, body methods, eye & hand methods. Movements in entire routine are well-connected.
This program shows the characteristics of Shen style wushu. Simple & close structure. Offense and defense skills are both well-developed. It helps increasing internal energy.It is suitable for people of all ages.
5 Elements Hammer Fist is short and fierce. It contains the movements of pi, ben, zhang, bao, hen and monkey, tiger, snake, phoenix, bear forms in Xinyi Liuhe Fist. Spirit and mind in one while practising. Fast & agile. Fist fast like arrows. movements are closely linked.