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Shaolin Qimei Staff (1)
62 mins
Shaolin Broadsword & Spear Sparring Exercise (1), 63 mins
Shaolin Child (Tongzhi) Gong (1)
57 mins
Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan (1)
60 mins
Shaolin Spring & Autumn Falchion (1), 59 mins
Shaolin Spear (1)
64 mins
Shaolin Drunken Kungfu (1)
61 mins
Demonstration of Shaolin Kungfu & Weapon Routine (1), 59 mins
Shaolin Eagle Claw Fist (1)
63 mins
Shaolin Arhat Fist (1)
64 mins
Shaolin Cannon Fist (1)
63 mins
Shaolin Kungfu VCD Series
Shaolin Kungfu by Warrior Monk Zhang, Shijie
33th generation of Shaolin Warrior Monk
Shaolin Vajra Fist (1)
61 mins
Shaolin Arhat Fist (1)
59 mins
Shaolin 36 Forms Cudgel (1)
61 mins
Shaolin Sleeping Dragon Broadsword (1),59 mins
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Real Shaolin Kungfu: Demonstrations of 36 Northern Shaolin Kungfus (1)
55 mins
Content: Demonstration of Iron Shirt Kungfu, Twin whip, Xiao Hong Chuan, Nan Chuan, Iron Head Kungfu, Praying Mantis, Staff Sparring, Hard Qigongs......totally 36 different Shaolin Kungfu. This VCD is not only good for people who would like to know more about Shaolin Kungfu but also an excellent performance for entertainment.
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Item Code: SL072
Shaolin Fist (1)
Demonstration of Shaolin Kungfu (1)
Most Basic routine in Shaolin Kungfu. It's chosen to be the requirement class for all college students by Henan Education Committees in Henan.
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