Shaolin Health Preserving Gong Series
by warrior monk Shi Xing Liao
32rd generation of Shaolin Temple warrior monk, famous Zen doctor
Shaolin Jing (calm) Zen Gong (1)
Pai Da (pat) Gong (1)
Item Code: SL280
Item Code: SL279
Duration: 51 mins
Duration: 40 mins
An important internal gong of Shaolin Qigong. Zen emphasizes "Nothing" requiring calm & peaceful minds. It later becomes "pure". "Pure'' leads to health. Its methods include Standing Zen, Sitting Zen, & Lying Zen. Jing Zen gong uses mind to lead qi. Circling "Qiao spots" continously generate energy for important organs.
Shaolin Pai Da Gong collects the internal qi on fingers & palms. Utilizing patting action on different parts of body skins to increase blood circulations & balance funtions of organs. Through nerve's feedback & inceased volume of lymph to strengthen  immunity system against diseases. It also dredges meridians.
Sound Wave vibrating Gong (1)
Buddha 9 Square Palm (1)
Item Code: SL281 Item Code: SL282
Duration: 51 mins
Duration: 40 mins
Buddha 9 Square Palm emphasizes breathing methods. It has 2 breathing methods. 1) Inhale & exhale both using nose; relaxing body while inhaling, tightening body while exhaling. 2) Tightening body while inhaling using nose, contracting abdoman, holding ground, vibrating voice, then relaxing body suddenly. Through breathing method training, it regulates frequency,margin & range of breathing. This gong is the "active" gong among Shaolin health preserving gong. It trains limbs & bones.
This internal gong, through particular musical note, based on resonance of sound wave to vibrate internal organs in order to accomplish health-preserving purpose. This form is especially good for kidney, heart, liver disorders.
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