She DeYang Shaolin Kungfu DVD Series
by Rabbi Shi Deyang
31st heir of Shaolin Temple
Shaolin JinNa LuoWang Cudgel Actual Combat (DVD + Illustrated book)
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Duration: 40 mins, Content: 1 DVD disc, 1 booklet
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Shaolin JinNa LuoWang Cudgel is also called Shaolin LuoWang Cudgel for short. As one of the long weapons in the family of Shaolin kungfu, it's a unique cudgel play exercise which displays graceful movement, agile footwork, and perfect harmony between player and cudgel. The play of the cudgel is marked by alternating movements and demanding techniques of sweep, hit, prick, upward parry, cut with arm swing, raise the cudgel horizontally overhead, wave the cudgel in figure-8, block and stir in both attack and defense. So, it is a rare good cudgel play exercise which may overall adjust your body, enhance your flexibility and strength if you keep on practicing it for long terms.
Shaolin 5 Tiger Sheep Flock Blade Art Actual Combat (DVD + Illustrated book)
Item Code: SLD093
Duration: 44 mins, Content: 1 DVD disc, 1 booklet
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Shaolin 5 Tiger Sheep Flock Blade Art is one of Shaolin's common instruments, Knives could be classified as broadsword, lancet, long sword, coutel lance and so on.
This instrument is defined as single lancet. The style of this blade art is powerful and forceful, consisting of tangle the head and wrap the brain, hack, sweep, lift, tamp, cleave, and smear, all sorts of actions, which make this balde art diverse. Swiftness and powerfulness is required when practicing.  Motion styles are clear, especially the body rolling with three times wielding jumping in the air and stabbing backwardly, chopping hourse's hoof, getting those motions done without any letups. All of which shall be consistent and consecutive. Practice of this style will greatly enhance one's flexibility and adaptability in actual combat.
Shaolin Arm Through (Tonbei) Fist Actual Combat
(DVD + Illustrated book)
Item Code: SLD094
Duration: 37 mins, Content: 1 DVD disc, 1 booklet
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Nowadays, Shaolin Tonbei Fist widely preails and are various in suite types. On this vast land of China, there are different Tonbei Fist of their own features, which can fully demonstrate its great influence. This form is well-structured. Its attack is ferocious and mighty, combining attack and defense and highly practical. It is suitable for people from all walks to build up their physique.
Shi DeYang
Shaolin Kungfu Part I
Shi DeYang
Shaolin Kungfu Part II
Shi DeYang
Shaolin Kungfu Part III
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Duration: 49 mins
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All kungfu in the world originated from Shaolin Temple. Shaolin kungfu is practiced all around the world. It is famous not only for the fact that is it the origin of the Zen and it has great influence on the propagation and development of the buddhism culture, but also for that it is the origin of Chinese wushu. Although the Shaolin Temple has suffered a lot through hundreds of years, Shaolin wushu is passed on and remains popular. This program will lead you into the sacred world of Shaolin wushu in the way of on-the-stop report. You can appreciate the extensive and profound Chinese wushu and you will be impressed by its great charm.
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