Shaolin Old Frame Hammer DVD Series
(Muti-Language Subtitles)
Explained and Demonstrated byWarrior Monk Shi Deyang
31st generation successor of Shaolin Temple Kungfu
Small Arms-Through (Tonbei) Fist (Routine I, II and III)
Item Code: (Routine I) SLD054 
                   (Routine II) SLD055
                   (Routine III) SLD056
Duration: Routine I 45 min
                Routine II 43 min
                Routine III 40 min
Price: $19.99 each item
Now !! US$12.99 each
Set of 3 DVDs (Small Arms-Through Fist DVD I, II & III)
Special Price US$29.99
Item code: SLD057
The Small Arms-Through Fist was invented by Kung Fu monk of Shaolin Temple.  It combines the prime of Xiao Hong Quan, Da Hong Quan and Monkey Fist.  It is very small and exquisite, vivid and spiffy.  Most of its hand shapes are monkey-paw.  It usually uses the tecniques of grasp, spring, kick, jump, turn over, flex the body.  So it is also known as "Arms-Through Monkey Fist".  The whole set is very vivid and quick.  It can exercise the joints of the whole body and extend the meridian and smooth the vessels.  It cannot only keep you healthy but also it can give you tehcniques of fast attacking and quick withdrawal.  It is an excellent traditional set of boxing that is popular among the Wushu fans, specially for the teenagers.  Small Arms-Through Fist is edited on the basic of the explanation and demonstration of the famous martial artist - Master Suxi.  It is very easy to learn, to understand and to practise and it is good for popularization.
Big Cannon Boxing - Routine I, II
Shaolin Mizong Quan - Routine I, II
Item Code: (Routine I, 47 mins) SLD058
                   (Routine II, 40 mins) SLD059
Item Code: (Routine I, 45 mins) SLD061
                   (Routine II, 40 mins) SLD062
Price: $19.99 each item
Price: $19.99 each item
Now !! US$12.99 each
Now !! US$12.99 each
Set of 2 DVDs (Mizong Quan DVD I & II)
Special Price US$19.99
Item code: SLD063
Set of 2 DVDs (Big Cannon Fist DVD I & II)
Special Price US$19.99
Item code: SLD060
Shaolin Mizong Quan is one of te most respresntative boxing in the Shaolin Wushu system.  Being simplified and enriched by many generations of eminent monks, its content is move perfect and its structure is more compact.  Shaolin MiZong Quan has its own unique characteristics: the movements are natural and extending; the forms are fierce; the hand techniques are unique; the foot techniques are changeable; It stresses on actual combat and is good at confusing the opponent by making a feint to one direction and attacking the other, then it can make the opponent at a loss.  Practicing the Shaolin Mizong Quan frequently can have a special effect of improving your level of Kung Fu and increasing your strength.
Shaolin Big Cannon is the king of Shaolin boxing.  Those who practise Shaolin Fist know that the eminent monks of Shaolin Temple wanted to create a kind of unique and marvelous skill of Shaolin boxing.  So they selected some essence movements from the original sets of boxing in the early years of Shaolin Kung Fu and from some excellent sets formed later.  They combined these essential movements into a complete set.  The movements of Big Cannon Boxing are of great stretch, and it stresses on attacking while twisting the body, spinning and rolling.
NanYuan Big Arms-Through (Tonbei) Fist - Routine I, II, & III
Item Code: (Routine I) SLD066
                   (Routine II) SLD067
                   (Routine III) SLD068
Duration: Routine I 55 min
                Routine II 43 min
                Routine III 42 min
Price: $19.99 each item
Now !! US$12.99 each
Set of 3 DVDs (Nan Yuan Big Arm-Through Fist DVD I, II & III)
Special Price US$29.99
Item code: SLD069
Nanyuan Big Arms-Through Fist was created and developed based on the skills of Small Arms-through Fist and Da Hong Fist.  Because of its characteristics of tight structure, natural and poised movements, ferocity and vigorousness, application of both defense and attack, distinguish actual combat and the like, it's specially suitable for youngsters to practise.
Specifications: NTSC, All Zones, Language (Mandarin Chinese)
4 Different Subtitles (Chinese, English, French and Spanish)