Shaolin Old Frame Hammer DVD Series
(Muti-Language Subtitles)
Explained and Demonstrated byWarrior Monk Shi Deyang
31st generation successor of Shaolin Temple Kungfu
Da Hong Quan (Fist) Routine I, II, & III
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Duration: Routine I 90 min
                Routine II 41 min
                Routine III 45 min
Set of 4 DVDs (Da Hong Quan DVD I, II & III)
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Da (Big) Hong Quan (Fist) was developed from the basis of Xiao (Small) Hong Quan (Fist).  Its movement is wider & opener than Xiao Hong Quan. Its stresses more on foot forms than the Xiao Hong Quan.  Its techniques is more comprehensive comparing to Xiao Hong Quan. Therefore, it's called Da Hong Quan.  In the latter period of Qing Dynasty, the Buddhist monks who practiced Wushu in Shaolin Temple traveled throughout the country and passed Da Hong Quan to the public. This is how Da Hong Quan gets popular. It is the most fundamental routine for all Shaolin Kungfu practicers.
Damo Yi Jing Jing
(Muscle Tendon Changing Scripture)
Shaolin Pu Falchion
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Duration: 44 mins
Duration: 92 mins
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The Pu Falchion (Long-Hilt Broadsword) is also called double hands broadsword, a long weapon in Shaolin Kungfu. It does not only contain broadsword skills, but also the techniques of cudgel and spear. It gets the essences of various weapon techniques and it is handy & portable. Therefore, this has been common & beloved by Shaolin kungfu practicers.
Damo Yi (Changing) Jing (Tendon, Channel) Jing (Scripture) is one of the earliest exercise method that was practiced by Shaolin Buddist monks. According to the experiences throught thousands of years, it is proved that Yi Jing Jing provides significant health benefits. It was said that it was produced by Damo (Bohidharma). This method could combine spirit, body and qi together closely. It could also regulate vital organs of the human body, twelve meridians and the entire body. It helps balance yin and yang, unblock meridians and muscles, then strength physiological functions of human body to maintain good health, avoid illnesses and prolong life span. A ultimate traditional training exercise on internal gong.
Shaolin Elementary Chang Quan (Long Fist)
18 Arhats Hand
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Content: Single DVD
Content: Single DVD
Duration: 52 mins
Duration: 52 mins
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Price: US$19.99
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Now! US$12.99
18 Arhats Hand is one of the entry level Shaolin Kungfu.  According to the Shaolin Temple material: In Sui Dynasty, the warrior monks had chosen and modified a simple series of kungfu that didn't required too much of movements. It was designed for the Buddist monks facing the wall a long period of time for meditation. At first, they selected one movement from the 18 Buddist arhats bronze statues.  Later, it was developed into a complete wushu routine, so it was called "18 Arhats Hand/Skills". It consists of postures of retreating, turning, dodging, shrinking and so on to avoid the attacking of the opponent.  The postures can be used skillfully to attack the enemy's uppoer body and defend his own lower body, attack the enemy's left part and defend his right part.  You can also use both attacking and defending postures, false and true postures. You can achieve such goals:  When you are attacking, you won't expose your shortcomings, when you are defending, you can find a chance to attack; when you face a stronger enemy, you won't be beaten; when you face a weaker enemy, you are sure to win.  At the same time, pay attention to the coordination of legs, elbows, body and especially the eyesight.  Be sure that in every movement, the eyesight goes with the hands and the eyesight goes as one movement begins. Use your eye to dictate which postures to practise before you start a move, and use your eye to settle the strategy after you have come out a posture.  These are clever ways of practicing the 18 Arhats Hand.
Shaolin Elementary Long Fist is one of the entry level series in Shaolin Kungfu. Its movements are well-arranged with certain difficulties. This routine consists of various basic methods of hand, leg and jumping movements. You can practice it more often to constantly improve the strength, speed, endurance and other physical qualities and improves the interest of Wushu.
Shaolin Xiao LuoHan (Small Arhat)
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Duration: 50 mins
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Small Arhat Fist is also called Three Sections Arhat Fist or Old Frame Arhat Fist. It has characters of many stances and techniques, and can deal with opponents' changeable & various methods. The movements are relatively intense, heavy. It is a form that more suitable for youngers. Skillfully practice the form can highly improce the fighting ability in actual combats.
Specifications: NTSC, All Zones, Language (Mandarin Chinese)
4 Different Subtitles (Chinese, English, French and Spanish)