Genuine Shaolin Kungfu Series
by master Liu, Zhen Hai
About the Performer: Master Zhenhai Liu is one of 10 best Shaolin kungfu coach. He is now the Vice-president of International Shaolin Fists Associaton. National researcher on Wushu for Chinese government. He has written 10+ instructional books.
Shaolin Rou Fist (1) Shaolin Old Single Broadsword (1)
Shaolin Eagle Claws Cannon Fist (1)
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There is one rule practising this broadsword routine: "Eyes follows the movements of broadsword & hand; See forward after completion of a movement; hands & feet move along with body." Coordination of two hands are also important. Basic movements are: Kan, Pi, Ben, Jia, Liao, Mor, Yun, Sao....
An imitation routine in Shaolin kungfu. It was created in Song dynasty, 700 years ago, by monk Zhao. Entire routine is fierce and fast. A traditional internal routine used to relax your bones and muscles. Require smooth breathing to coordinate with movements. Softness within hardness. Practising for a long time, Qi of Dian Tan can reach top and bottom of the body through merdians.
Da Hong Fist II (1)
Da Hong Fist I (1)
Da Hong Fist III (1)
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Shaolin Da Hong Fist is one of the fist routine practised by Zhao, Kuang Yin, 1st king of Song Dynasty. It is a fundamental routine in Shaolin kungfu & a required routine before practising other Shaolin kungfu. Well-arranged & splendid movements. "Huo Ma Step" is its basic technique. There is only incomplete Da Hong fist nowadays. Some were lost. This routine is one of the most complete routine on this traditional routine.
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Shaolin Flute (1)
Xiao Tonbei Fist III (1)
Xiao Tonbei Fist I (1) Xiao Tonbei Fist II (1)
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Flute is usually being chosen as a weapon by educated persons in the past. In Song Dynasty, Shoalin warrior monk master Shi De Gen, created this routine & flute became an official weapon from that point. A very rare Shaolin routine.
Xiao (small) Tonbei is one of the earliest routine that was taught to the public. Most movements are upper body movements & act like ape arms, so it was named after Tonbei. The coordiation of fist & elbow is very important. Shoulder up, elbow follows, fist come right after. It is a practical & powerful fighting routine.
Shaolin Horse Tail Whisk (1)
Shaolin Dagger I (1)
Shaolin Dagger II (1)
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A common tool used in both buddhism & taoism. Qing Dynasty, Emei taoist master created this routine based on a Shaolin rhymed formula. It was evolved & altered by different Shaolin monks. It is now a special weapon routine in Shaolin kungfu.
A rare weapon routine in Shaolin kungfu. Major movements are tiao, zha, dian, sao, fu, ya, lian, ge, liao. Individually attack upper, middle, & lower part of the body. Handy & practical weapon in suprise attack.
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