Traditional Shaolin Kungfu Series
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by Warrior Monk Shi De Juan
31th generation inheritor warrior monk, 7th grade wushu master, One of ten most famous coach
Shaolin Kan Jia Fist
7th Routine (1)
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Shaolin Baji Fist (1)
Demonstration of Shaolin
Temple Routines (1)
A condensed & concised demonstration of Shaolin Temple kungfu routines. It has collectable value for Shaolin kungfu lovers.
Shaolin Kan Jia Fist considers a close range combat fist routine in Shaolin kungfu. It is one of the most distinguished routine that all monks would practise. Major movements are combinations of winding, hit, lying, throwing, chin na, kicking. It is a valuable routine.
A mighty, solid, fierce fist routine. Six major mehtods: hard grappling, hard advance, hard squeezing, hard bumping, hard striking. It has about 14 hand methods, 8 attacking techniques. This routine was passed to Shaolin in beginning of Qing dynasty, about 250 years ago, by Lai LanTian
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Shaolin Kan Jia Fist
3rd Routine (1)
Shaolin Kan Jia Fist
5th Routine (1)
Shaolin Kan Jia Fist
2nd Routine (1)
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Shaolin Cannon Fist (1)
Cannon Fist (Pao Quan) also called as Cannon Hammer (Pao Chui). It was an excellent routine that could only teach to Shaolin monks. Due to its powerful fist forces like cannon. Most movements are named after the word "cannon", so it's called Cannon Fist.
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Shaolin Old Frame Hong Fist (1)
Shaolin 5 Tigers Staff (1)
Shaolin Ye Cha Staff (1)
Old Frame Hong Fist is developed from Xiao (small) Hong Fist. It is an elementary level routine in Shaolin kungfu. The majn purpose of this routine is to train force-issuing methods. All high rank warrior monks must very familiar and skillful in this routine. A required routine in Shaolin kungfu.
Shaolin staff is a major component of Shaolin Temple kungfu. Since the 13 staff warrior monks saved the queen of Tong Dynasty. Shaolin staff routine became very popular. The movements of this routine are well-connected. Major techniques are "Sao, Bo, Yuan, Jia, Ge, Gua, Liao, Chuo, Pi, Wuhua"..
Specality of Shaolin staff techniques is "70% spear techniques, 30% staff techniques". This changeable staff routine has 10 major techniques: Sao, Bo, Yuan, Jia, Liao, Ge, Pi, Wuhua, Tiao, Dian". Ye (night); Cha (fork).
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Shaolin Yan Qing Broadsword (1)
Shaolin Damo Sword (1)
Yan Qing Broadsword is a short weapon routine. Due to the practical usage of broadsword, Shaolin warrior monks are paying a lot of attention to broadsword routines. Major techniques are "Pi, Liao, Ce, Zhan, Ben, An, Tui, Jia, Chan to, Guo to, Wuhua".
Major techniques are "Pi, Dian, Liao, Mo, Jiao, Jia, Ben, Gua, Chuan, Zhan, Sao, Wenhua". Harmony of internal & external forces, mind & body is very important, especially the balanced movements of sword method & pointing finger.