Shaolin Ba Fa (8 Methods) Series
by Liu, Bao Hua/ Wang Su Ying
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Ba Fa Hard Gong (1)
Ba Fa Double Broadsword (1)
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A long fist based double weapons routine. It has common characteristics & rules with other long fist based routines. "single broadsword on hand, double broadsword on foot" is the rule. Pi (cut), Liao (sweep), Kan (chop) basic broadsword forms needs to match appropriate footwork. The purpose of these exercises are enchancing hardness of muscle & forces to incease the ability to endure attack. It is fundamental for sanshou & fighting. It is a major gong in Shaolin Bafa on shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, head, feet, leg & hip.
Shaolin 8 Methods Fist Fighting Techniques (1)
4 Dan Gong (Child Gong) (1)
Swallow Fist (1)
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Swallow Fist (Yan Xing Fist) is the fundamental routine of Shaolin Ba Fa & its weapon routines. It is basic routine, so its requirement is strict. Performer must follow all the rules in order to realize the Characteristics of Shaolin kungfu. This routine has various imitation forms combining with footwork & body methods to form a agile & fierce routine.
4 Dan Gong also called Child Gong. It is one of the fundamental routines. It is important to master this form before learning other routines. Especially in fighting techniques training, player would realize an inch longer in tendon, more forces can be issued. It trains flexibility, speed, & forces of player. There is certain steps to follow in training and no shortcut.
Shaolin 8 Methods & Long fist Fighting Techniques has identical techniques and forms. It features grab, catch, hit, throw, kick, & in-air catch. It is an excellent materials for youth.
5 Tiger Broken Gate Spear (1)
5 Tiger Broken Gate Broadsword (1)
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A major weapon routine in Shaolin Bafa. It major skills are Liao (sprinkle), Kan (chop), Mo (wipe), Duo (stamp one's foot), Pi (cut), Ben (collapse), Go (hook), Gua (hang). Other skills are Zha (prick), qie (slice), Jiao (hang), Jia (frame), & side sweep. Associating with body methods to perform fast & fierce movements. Clear structure. An important traditional routine.
A major weapon routine in Shaolin Bafa. It major skills are Lan (block), Na (grab), Zha (prick), Jiao (hang), Liao (sprinkle), Pi (cut) & Sao (sweep). Agile movements with fierce forces. An important traditional routine.
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