Shaolin Temple Kungfu
Old Frame Hammer Fist VCD Series
by warrior monk Shi De Yang
Shaolin Basic Exercises (1)
18 Traditional Exercise Techniques (1)
Demonstrations of
Shaolin Kungfu (3)
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This VCD gathers different Shaolin training methods. It includes different combination of hand methods, eye methods, body methods, & footwork. Through long term practising of these exercise can provide solid bases for further Shaolin kungfu training.
18 Traditional Exercise Techniques were developed from the Basic Exercises. It emphasis linkage, combination, interchange of footworks, hand methods, & leg methods. It provides solid bases for further Shaolin kungfu training.
This VCD recorded the actual events in Shaolin Temple. It leads the way to enter and appreciate different Shaolin kungfu. It recorded the most important kungfu system in Chinese history.
Shaolin Ba Duan Jin
(Eight Brocade Qigong) (1)
Shaolin Dragon Spring Sword (1)
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One of the earliest health-preserving exercises practised by Shaolin warrior monk. It has the effects of mediating, smoothening qi, & increasing blood flow.
A classical sword routine in Shaolin kungfu. Movements are solid & tangible. Practicers have to be ware of the interchange of sword pointing methods & sword methods.
Chang Hu Xin Yi Men Quan (1) Shaolin Fang Bian Spade (1)
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It was created by famous warrior monk Hui De. It was altered in Yuan Dynasty by Jing Na Ro, by Jue Xun & Tong Xiang in Ming Dynasty. The routine is tightly linked and highly improved in techniques. It is a beloved routine by Shaolin lover because its various palm methods, special hand methods, & its practical skills in fighting.
A traditional long weapon routine in Shaolin kungfu. The weapon is heavy. Not many people can play it well now. Its unbeatable power is not other weapon can be compared. Movements are open and full of strength. A rare & valuable weapon routine.
Shaolin LiuHe Fist (1)
Shaolin Damo Cane (1)
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Liuhe Fist was created in Ming dynasty by monk ShaoHou. He observed the fighting between monks and formed this routine, so it's very practical. Almost all the warrior monks like this fist. It's a sparring routine in Shaolin Temple Kungfu.
A rare weapon routine. Movements are fully expressed its strength and hardness. Skilly combined defense & attack. Good for training hands' & arms' strength. Emphaizes eye method.
Shaolin Burning Flame Staff (1) Shaolin Fong Mor
(Mad Devil, Magic) Staff (1)
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One of the most common on staff routine in Shaolin Kungfu. Major forms are pointing, sweeping, hanging, pulling, intercepting, cutting, striking.
A staff routine that focus more on attacking. Its major movements are pointing, sweeping, hanging, pulling, wu hua, Jia. It helps practicers strengthen their external strength.
Damo Yi Jing Jing (Musle Tendon Changing & Marrow Brain Washing Gong) (2)
Shaolin Mizong Fist 1st Routine (1)
Shaolin Mizong Fist 2nd Routine (1)
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Shaolin Mizong Fist is one of most important routines in Shaolin Kungfu. It was revised by several high rank warrior monks. Forms are open and fierce with special hand movements and diverse footwork. It has significant help on training strength.
One of the oldest gond in Shaolin Kungfu. It helps integrating qi, spirit, body and harmonizes and balances all the meridians, blood qi, and internal organs to strengthen the internal strength of practicers.
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