Shaolin Temple Kungfu
Old Frame Hammer Fist VCD Series
by warrior monk Shi De Yang
Shaolin 5 Tiger Broadsword (1)
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A common Shaolin weapon routine. Forms are solid & fierce. Major movements are Kan, Pi, Sao, Duo, Mor, Jia, & Dang. Significiant attack & defense skills; strong attacking ability. Easy to learn.
Shaolin Pu Falchion (1)
Demonstrations of Shaolin Old Frame
Hammer Fist Routines (2)
Shaolin Single Broadsword (1)
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Pu falchion also named as double-hand falchion. It is a "big" falchion among all falchion in shaolin weapons. It is as powerful as Da Dao (Guan Dao). It is special because it also contains many techniques of staff and spear. Due to its handy features, Liang shan heros in "Water Margins" love to use this weapon and started to be accepted and used more widely.
Broadsword has several types: LiuYe broadsword, Double broadsword, Tiger head broadsword, Coin Broadsword. Shaolin Single broadsword belongs to the group of LiuYe broadsword. This routine contains various movements: pi, gua, sao, liao, kang, ce. It hits straightly to the dead spots of opponents. A light weapon to carry.
Demonstrations of different weapon and empty hand routines in the Shaolin Old Frame Hammer Fist Series. It is the best demonstration available for Traditional Shaolin Temple kungfu.
Shaozi Cudgel Solves Spear (1)
Shaolin 7 Star Fist (1)
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This most common Shaolin routine being practiced. It was created according to the position of 7 stars at the northern sky. Steps are on one line in front and back position, named as "small shrinking body". Spear is king of weapons. Due to that, many people started researching how to solve powerful spear attacks using other weapons. Shaozi stick is one of the weapon that has its special movements to solve spear attacks. Practicing in pair, spear does not having any privilege.
Shaolin Meteor Hammer (1)
Guaizi (Cane) Solves Spear (1)
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Meteor Hammer is a "soft' weapon in Shaolin weapons, like other chain weapons. Easy to hide when carry around. It is the hardest one to practice and expertise. Should play it like spear and staff in lines is the hardest part, because the weapon is soft. Its attack is as powerful as huge steal hammers. Guaizi (Cane) is a special weapon in Shaolin weapons. It was originally created for health-preserving, then it was altered and used to solve spear attacks. Major techniques: cut, hook, swap, guai, ya. This program shows you how to use cane to solve spear attacks.
Shaolin Plum Blossom Cane (1)
Taizu (Ancestor) Long Fist (1)
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Shaolin Guaizi (Cane) has several types: Plum Blossom Cane, Medium Horn Cane, Bamboo Cane. It is well suited for mid-age and aged people.  Even it's designed for mid-age and above to preserve health, it is still worthy for younger people to practice. Major movements: hook, hug, swap, hang, cut, liao. Movements are various contain both open & close movements.
Taizu Long fist was created by 1st emperor of Ming dynasty, around 1600 A.D. He learned shaolin kungfu and created it on his own. Fists movements basically in lines. It is powerful in close combats. Strange movements confuse opponents, so opponents don't know how to react immediately.
Yin Shou Staff (1)
Luohan 18 Hands (1)
Shaolin Small Cannon Fist (1)
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Shaolin Luhan (Arhat) 18 hands is one of the fundamental routine in Shaolin temple kungfu. Movements are simple and less energy consumption. Its major defense methods are: retreat, turn, yield, & dodge ...etc. Concentration of eyes is very important in the routine. "Hand is there, eyes are there".
Yinshao staff is one of the most famous staff routine in Shaolin kungfu. This routine is different from other Shaolin staff routines. It was named as Yin, because the movements are under reversed logic. Due to that, opponents are hard to guess your next movement while fighting and they get confused.
Shaolin Cannon Fist is the "king" fist routine in shaolin kungfu. High rank monks in the past, tried to find an ultimate kungfu for Shaolin temple. They absorbed advantages of other family routines to create this fist routine. Cannon fist is divided into Big Cannon fist and small cannon fist. Xiao Pao (Small cannon) fist is more straight forward, more clear in movements, less actual movements.
Small Tonbei Fist 1st Routine (1)
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Big Cannon Fist 1st Routine (1)
Small Tonbei Fist 2nd Routine (2)
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Big Cannon Fist 2nd Routine (1)
Small Tonbei Fist 3rd Routine (1)
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"King" fist routine in Shaolin kungfu. Different from XiaoPao Fist, Da Pao (Big Cannon) fist has more open & large movements, more body-turning, circling, & circling attacks.
Xiao (small) Tonbei Fist was created based on the cores of Xiaohong Fist, Dahong Fist, Monkey Fist.  It features small & agile movements . Monkey hand is the major hand method. grap, step, jump, row, dodge, so it was also called as "Tonbei Monkey Fist". It is a routine that many people love to practice. This program was recored under the supervision of High rank warrior monk Shou Si. Easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to practice.
Nan Yuan (South Garden) Da Tonbei Fist 1st Routine (1)
Da Hong Fist 1st Routine (2)
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Nan Yuan (South Garden) Da Tonbei Fist 2nd Routine (1)
Da Hong Fist 2nd Routine (1)
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Nan Yuan (South Garden) Da Tonbei Fist 3rd Routine (1)
Da Hong Fist 3rd Routine (1)
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Dahong fist is formed based on the fundamentals of Xiao Hong Fist. Its frame and movements are opener and bigger than Xiao Hong Fist. It also has more different footwork. The routine is smoother and complete, so it was called "Dahong Fist". End of Qing dynasty, shaolin warrior monks taught this routine widely to the public.
South Garden Da (Big) Tonbei Fist was created based on the fundamentals of Xiao (small) Tonbei Fist & Dahong Fist. Movements are closely linked. Practical in real fighting. Perfect for young people.
Zhao Yang Fist (1)
Xiao Louhan Fist (1)
Shaolin Big Tonbei Fist (1)
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Shaolin Xiao (small) Luohan (Arhat) fist is also called "3-Section Arhat Fist" or "Old Frame Arhat Fist". It features various & broad footwork techniques. It is able to face different kinds of attacks. It requires more energy consumption, so it is more suitable for young people.
Zhao Yang Fist was created by warrior monk Simple footwork, fast attack. It focuses on leg attacks, upper body techniques are mainly for defense purpose. Upper body movements sometimes are merely to confuse opponents, then using leg attacks to hit opponents' dead spots.
Shaolin Da (big) Tonbei Fist was created based on the fundamentals of Xiao (small) Tonbei fist & Dahong fist.  Movements are closely linked. Attack and defense are all being concerned. Practical in real fighting. Perfect for young people.
Shaolin Shaozi Stick (1)
Shaolin Long Fist (Fundamentals) (1)
Xiao Hong Fist (2)
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Xiao Hong Fist is the most fundamental Shaolin Kungfu. It is required to accomplish this routine to further study other routines, so it is called "Mother fist of 18 fists". Footworks includes: Bin, Arrow, Horse, Bending, & Empty steps; Hand mehtods include: Push hand, Rob hand, & Pound hand. Fist include: Chung, Side fists; Leg methods: Kick, Jump; Body method include: Shrink, Turn.
A handy weapon to carry around. Has two sections, one long one short. It can cause server damage due to the add-on, Shaozhi, at the top of the stick. Shaozhi is small, so it would not affect the speed of the movements. Its major techniques include tie, pi, swap, point, dao, jie. It can be used to solve spear attacks.
Fundamental Shaolin Long Fist is one of the fundamental shaolin kungfu. In the routine, there are different forms and methods to kick & hit; Different combinations of the movements generate the basic attack and defense techniques. It helps improving power, speed, and jumping ability.
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