Shaolin Kungfu VCD Series (in English/Chinese)
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Louhan 13 Forms (1)
Shaolin 6 Harmony Gong
& Chan Yuan Gong (1)
Shaolin Child Gong (1)
Shaolin Rou Quan 1st Routine (1)
Shaolin Rou Quan 2nd Routine (1)
Child gong is divided into internal gong, external gong, & Rou (softness) gong. This program includes external gong and rou gong. It helps restoring qi to reach health-preserving purpose.
Rou quan is an internal arts. It has 3 routines. A secret shaolin kungfu which was only practised by higher rank monks in the temple. Integrated mind, qi, & force in one is very important. 1st routine is a linked movements of "Louhan 13 forms". An advanced level of Shaolin linked kungfus.
Shaolin Da Hong Fist (1)
A set of routine that every warrior monks has to learn in Shaolin. Tight forms' structure; Small frame; Clear and distinguish attack and defense movements.
by Mao, Jing Guang
Wushu Professor, National Wushu Judge
Shaolin Sping-Autumn Falchion (Da Dao) (1)
A traditional Chinese weapon. It's named after general GuanYu in 3 kingdoms period. It is a Shaolin competition routine.
by Zhang, Si Jie
Professional Wushu Trainer
Shaolin Ground-lying Double Broadsword (1)
by Zhang, Si Jie
Professional Wushu Trainer
A traditonal weapon routine. Most movements are cutting and chopping. One movement follows another as agile & unsexpectable as cloud in the sky.
Shaolin Meteor Hammer (1)
by Chen, TongChun
Famous Trainer
Meteor Hammer is a special soft weapon. It was used as a dirty weapon. Its attack is hard to avoid and yield. It forces opponents to face it.
A Shaolin internal training method. It consists 13 seperate movements. Practising together as one routine is Rou Fist 1st Routine. Easy to learn. A requied form for all Shaolin kungfu practicers, 
by Mao, Jing Guang
Wushu Professor, National Wushu Judge
by Zhu, TianShi
32nd generation of Shaolin Warrior monk
6 Harmony Gong & Chan Yung Gong are both internal exercises in Shaolin Kungfu. Easy to learn. Required movements matching the breaths. Excellent exercises for both young people and elders.
by Si, De Yang
Head Coach of Shaolin Warrior Monks
External gong by Si, Yun De
Rou gong by
Si, Xing Chao
by Zhu, TianShi
32nd generation of Shaolin Warrior monk,
Gold medal in National Shaolin Kungfu Competition