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Shaolin Kungfu VCD Series (English/Chinese)
All VCDs on this page are in Mandarin Chinese / English
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Shaolin 7-Star Fist (1)
Shaolin Fanzi Quan (1)
Shaolin Mei Hua Quan (1)
Shaolin Cane (1)
Damo Cane (1)
Shaolin Pao Quan (1)
Monkey Fist (1)
Monkey Cudgel (1)
Shaolin Pu Falchion (1)
Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan (1)
Shaolin Qimei Cudgel (1)
One of the important weapon n Shaolin kungfu. It was known throughout China since the 13th cudgel monks save Tang Wang in Tang dynasty. Movements are simple & unadorned, clear & natty. Steps clear and plain. The cudgel can be long & short.
by Shi Guoshong
chief monk coach)
by Feng, Yan
(Professional Wushu Coach)
Damo Cane is also called the Shaolin Single Cane. A rare weapon routine in Shaolin kungfu. This form has been passed on to only a few perons by now. It's famous for its weirdness & cleverness.
Pu Broadsword is a traditional chinese weapon. Its movements are mainly big chopping and big cutting. Its style is quite violent and fierce.
by Pan, Jing
(Professional Wushu Coach)
by Shi Yongxin
(33rd generation Shaolin descendant)
Pao Quan is the key series of Shaoin kungfu. Its movements have brillant characteristics and unique style. mysterious & full of twists and turns with couple hardness and softness. It has been regarded as the most powerful fist form to protect Shaolin Temple.
Xiao Hong Quan also named as Small-Form Hong Quan, is one of the most basic Shaolin Kungfu. Its movements are simple & plain, attack & defense are precise; positions are small and close with sudden & quick forces coupling with hardness & softness. Body techniques are neither completely bent nor staight. Frequent forward jumping.
by Shi Yongzhi
(33rd generation Shaolin descendant)
by Shi Yongzhi
(33rd generation Shaolin descendant)
A rare weapon routine. It is said in the legend that it developed from the cane used by the 1st ancestor of the Shaolin Temple, Dharma, thus which is called Dharma's Cane. Its main techniques include: chopping, jabbing, hooking, blocking, smashing, and so on. It is usually practised with other Shaolin leg & body techniques.
by Shi Yongkan
(33rd generation Shaolin descendant)
One of the oldest routine in Shaolin kungfu. There is a variety of attack & defence techniques with its well-knit structure, ingenious positions, flexibility & pracitcal in fighting. It's also an absolutely direct-line-handed Shaolin boxing technique. This form is brief but vigorous, easy to learn and practise. It can attack rivals' vital part within limited time.
by Mao Jing Guang
(Wushu Coach & National Judge)
Traditional Northern style Shaolin kungfu. Basic fist techniques in this routine are direct knocking and swinging & rushing. Fists in this form are quick like thunder & dense like raindrops. They are of great advantage in combats.
by Shi Guosong
(33rd generation Shaolin descendant)
Most popular formj being largely practised by the Shaolin monks. This set of boxing is simple & practical. Each movement is either attacking the enemy or guarding oneself. The pose is easy to learn. Dating back to the ancient time, there are countless famous monks & great masters practising this set of routine, which becomes one of the most emiinent form in Shaolin Temple.
by Li, Yuzhong
(Champion of Imitation Boxing
in Natiional Wushu Competition)
Monkey Fist is one of imitation boxing, imitating animals' movements. Its movements mainly imitate the shrewed expression & particular motion of monkey, so this set of boxing is an excellent imitatoin boxing classics for its ingenious conception, dramatic actions, fluency routines & absolutely resemblance of performance.
Monkey cudgel which is called "Jin-Gu Cudgel", is a kind of legendary weapon in Chinese wushu culture. This rotuine mainly imitate monkeys' behaviour, combining with the art of attack and defence in wushu to form this unique style.
by Li, Yuzhong
(Champion of Imitation Boxing
in Natiional Wushu Competition)