Genuine Shaolin Kungfu Series
by master Liu, Zhen Hai/ Si Yan Ci
About the Instructor: Master Zhenhai Liu is one of 10 best Shaolin kungfu coach. He is now the Vice-president of International Shaolin Fists Associaton. National researcher on Wushu for Chinese government. He has written 10+ instructional books.
Shaolin Wu He Fist (1)
Shaolin Fist 20 Methods(1)
Shaolin ChinNa 36 Forms (1)
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A pratical fist routine. Most movements are fist forms. Swift attacks. Each movement is either defense or attack, no useless forms. Eye, hand, body, footwork, & skills are well-connected & in harmony.
This routine contain the essences of Luohan Fist, Hong Fist, Liuhe Fist, & Tonbei Fist, including usage of palm, fist, elbow, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, & feet. 20 forms are well-linked and can be trained & used independently.
These 36 self-defense skills are integrated ChinNa & fighting methods. They were condensed from traditional routines. 36 forms included kick, hit, throw, grab, lean, push, catch, & block. All are practical independent skills.
Shaolin Iron Fan (1)
Shaolin Da Hong Fist 6th Routine (1)
Shaolin Da Hong Fist 4th Routine (1)
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A secret Shaolin weapon. Unique skills. Strong offensive abilities. Major skills are hitting acupoints. It contains 3 different forces, "Shi", "Xu", "Tou". For beginners, it is a health-preserving exercise; For advanced player, it provides changable, varied fighting skills. Applications is included in the program.
Hong Fist is the fundamental fist in Shaolin kungfu. It was told the orgins of all Shaolin fists. All fist, weapon, sanda, fighting routines starts from Da Hong Fist. This routine was passed down by deceased high monk, Si De Gen. Only a few people practising this routine. Its major footwork is Free Horse Step. Palm & fist are used together. An excellent Shaolin routine.
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