Shaolin Xing Gong Fist Series
by master Liu, Yi
About the performer: Master Yi Liu is 31st generation inheritor of ancient Shaolin Xing Gong Fist, 22nd generation inheritor of Shaolin Taizu Long Fist. He is now head fighting instructor of Special force in Chinese military.
About the form: This is a very old Shaolin form. It was created by high-ranked monk FU JU in Song dynasty, about a thousand years ago. It has 10 routines. Xing Gong means fighting & inner strength. Master Xiu Shan Yang (AD1885-1949) passed it to Zhuo Jun Gao (AD1917-2003). There are only a few people know this form. It is almost lost in this century.
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Xing Gong Fist 3rd Routine (2)
Xing Gong Fist 1st Routine (1)
Xing Gong Fist: Ying Men Si (1)
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3rd routine also named as "Hook Hand" or "Praying Mantis Posture". Its hand movements imitated movements of praying mantis. An important routine in Xing Gong Fist. Only a few people in southern part of Shangdong province knew this form.
1st Routine also named as "Kai Shan Fist", It emphasizes "9 Forces 18 Gong". The form is fast, hard, powerful, & solid. A representable routine.
Shaolin Xing Gong Fist was created by high ranked monk Fu Ju in Song Dynasty, about a thousand years ago. It has 10 routines. Xin Gong means fighting & inner strength. This routine is the basic of all Xing Gong Fist routines. Practicers must learn this routine in order to practice other routines. It includes differenst fist & leg methods, footwork.
Shaolin 13 Claws: Da Si Men (1) Shaolin 13 Claws: Dan Chai (2)
Xiao Li Chui (Small Seperate Hammer) (1)
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Dan Chai Fist method is the fundamentals of Shaolin 13 Claws. It emphasizes "one direction", "line" training. Mind over form; Clean & practical. It is the requirement course before practising Da Si Men & Sparring.
An imitatioin form that use claws instead of fist. It imitates 13 different animals including tiger, dragon, leopard, eagle....Da Si Men is a training method in 13 claws that emphasizes "all direction attack". It is different from "Dan Chai" which is emphasizes on one direction.
Xiao Li Chui & Da (Big) Li Chui are transitional routines between whole routine practicing and applications. Li means seperate. Thus, each form can be trained seperately.
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1st Routine Single Broadsword (1)
Yang Family Spear (1) Liu Fu Yi's
10th Rebounding Leg (1)
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Xing Gong Broadsword routines have 6. Each routine has its own name. It was passed by Xiu Shan Yang (AD1885- 1949), 28th generation. 1st Routine named as "Chu Men Jia Zhi Si". It is the entry level of Shaolin Xing Gong fist broadsword. Major movements are ben, kan, pi, tiao, liao associating with Shaolin fist acting like extension of arms. Solid fundamentals of Xing Gong Fist is the basic requirement to play this routine well. There was record in Chapter 477 in "Song History" stating that it was created by Yang Miao Zhan, wife of general Li Quan in Song Dynasty. Current version was passed down by Shaolin 28th generation master, Yang Xiu Shan (1885-1949).
Master Liu Fu Yi was born in Qing dynasty. He was a famous master in Zha Fist, Specialized in Rebounding legs. He was the first teacher of old master Zhuo Jun Gao, who is 29th generation Shaolin kungfu master. Rounding leg lower than knee. It includes fist, elbow, leg, throwing, ChinNa, Reverse ChinNa. A fighting routine. Suit for both one person training & sparring.
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