Shaolin Temple Kungfu VCD Series
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Shaolin Yin Yang Fingers (1)
by Yang, Wei & Liu, Li Wong
Item Code: SL308
This program was performed by Li Wong Liu and Shui Zheng (both are 4th generation Shaolin Eagle Sec. Inheritors) under instruction & direction of Dr. Wei Yang (Associate Professor of Anhui Teacher's University).
This form also called "2 Fingers Zen", a unique techniques in Shaolin Eagle Sec. kungfu. It attacks 36 fatal acupoints of opponents' body. A fierce skill.
Shaolin Zen Fist (1)
by Zhu, Tianxi & Pan, Xiangxi
Item Code: SL283
Main characteristic of Shaolin kungfu would be the association of kungfu with Zen. This routine is a representing form of this association. It was a secret form passed down by high monk. It also associated with theories of traditional Chinese medicine. Forms included Still Zen, One Step Zen, & Free Zen. From breathing to physical forms, it all presented well-associated Zen & kungfu. Mind is free & empty. Forms are smooth. Yin & Yang in harmony. An advanced Shaolin form.  
Collection of Shaolin Kungfu (2)
Item Code: SL278
Shaolin Kungfu is one of the important branches of Chinese Kungfu. This video systematically presents most of the magic taolus of Shaolin kungfu. It covers over 65 fist & weapon routines.
Shaolin Wu Hua Leg (5 Flower Kicking) (1)
by Shi Yan Ming/ Shi Heng Wei
Item Code: SL164
Wuhua Leg includes Xiao (Small) Tonbei & Da (Big) Tonbei. It is a form in Monkey Fist. Hand methods & footwork are varied & agile. Most movements are focus on hand methods.
Drunken Kungfu (1)
by Yuan, Bo Wang
Item Code: SL165
Drunken kungfu is an imitation form imitating the steps & mind of a drunken person. Attacking opponents in the least possible opportunity. Diao, Lo, Dian, Ko, Go, Gua, Ti, Tian different movements played in drunken mind.
Shaolin Hard Qigong: Vajra Palm (1)
by Shi Yan Ming/ Shi Heng Wei
Item Code: SL166
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