Emei Seng Men 5 Elements Fist & 5 Elements Health-preserving Exercises Series
by master He, Wei Qi
About the performer: 6th generation inheritor of Emei Seng Men (Monk Branch).
Winding Snake Fist (Fire) (1)
Item Code: EM035
An advanced routine of Rolling Standing Posture. Body, elbow, shoulder, hand are all using forces of rolling. Winding & shifting footwork is like snake climbing, moving, & fightting. Plenty of soft hand methods.
SingleWhip Tiger Fist (Wood) (1)
Leopard Head Fist (Earth) (1)
Item Code: EM034
Item Code: EM036
This fist routine has wide & splendid footwork. Various & fierce hand skills are like tiger hunting. 
This fist forms are fierce & agile like leopard. Strong & hard forces on fist forms accompanied with linked hand methods. It was called "Chung Da (hit)". It presented taking advantages on attacking following up a victory.
Da Lian Dragon Fist (Metal) (1)
LiuTong Crane Fist & Dropping Water Spear (Water) (1)
Item Code: EM037
Item Code: EM038
This classic fist routine is simple & clear. agile & various, like dragon swimming. Long fist & short hitting, attacking & defending methods are closely & tightly linked. In sparring exercise, players can experience the fighting of dragons.
Movements imitated walking, feeding, flying, fighting, fish-catching of cranes. Agile turning & balanced movements. Dropping water spear has agile footwork. Major skills are Ya (press), zha (prick), Dian (point), Ci (stab), Chuan (pierce), Gun (roll), Da (hit), & Chan (winding).
White Tiger Broadsword (1)
Hui Ling Sword (1)
Item Code: EM040
Item Code: EM039
This routine emphasizing swiping palm. Agile & steady footwork. straight in & out. practical. To well use this sword method, sword, heart, mind, & skills should all set free.
This routine is simple & easy to learn. Practical & simple to use. Various avoiding-direct-conflict broadsword skills.is its feature. A classic broadsword routine.
5 Elements Health Preserving Exercises:
Immortal Crane Fist (Metal) (1)
5 Elements Health Preserving Exercises:
Xiong Feng Fist (Wood) (1)
Item Code: EM041
Item Code: EM042
Smooth crane movements with close & tight form structure. It help restoring the normal functions of joints, curing vascular sclerosis & rheumatism. Short standing pole is the major standing posture.
Clean & clear movements. Upper, middle, lower parts of body work together. Acting like wind, still like water. It prevents waist, neck, shoulder, knee, & hip diseases. This form imitates tiger, lion, & dragon's movements. Short standing pole is the major standing posture.
5 Elements Health Preserving Exercises:
Ling Hui Fist (Water) (1)
5 Elements Health Preserving Exercises:
God of Dragon Fist (Fire) (1)
Item Code: EM043
Item Code: EM044
These various & complicated movements smoothly linked coupling with hardness & softness prevent aging of internal organs, restore sheen of skin, & curing poor digestion. Major hand methods are soft. Short standing pole is the major standing posture.
Steady movements Forms are clear & smooth. agile turning movements. It helps smooth away toxicant of internal organs, balance Yin Yang of the body, & recaperate functions of internal organs. This form imitates eagle, tiger, lion movements. Short standing pole is the major standing posture.
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