Self Defense from Different Attacks Series
by Duan, Qi Ling
About the performer: Instructor Qi Ling Duan is national 1st grade (highest level) wushu judge, wushu instructor, & fighter.
Against Stick Attacks (1)
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This program introduce the actions that can be taken while being attacked by a stick including how to dodge, block, & counter-attack. It is divided into 3 sections, total 16 methods.
Against Leg Attacks (1) Against Sudden Attacks & "Surprises" (2)
Demonstrations of Different Self-Defense Skills (1)
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Item Code: SDAL01
This program introduces 18 differents skills to fight against opponents' leg attacks. It is divided into 4 sections covering skills against front, side, back leg attacks. e.g. Grap leg lock leg, grasp leg hook kick, press neckm grasp elbow....
This program systematizedly introduce differents skills to against sudden attacks & how to seize the chance to overcome opponents. It is divided into 7 sections. It contains 32 different skills in 32 different situations. A must collection in the series.
Demonstrations of different self-defense skills in the series including skill in against hair grasp, shoulder grasp, wrist grasp, hug, throat lock, fist attacks, leg grasp, chest grasp, leg attacks, dragger attack, staff attack & more.
Against Chest Grasp (1)
Against Hugging (1)
Against Dragger (1)
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Item Code: SDAL06
This program introduce 15 different skills to fight against Chest grappling from opponents from hand to leg methods. e.g. Grap head push cheek, finger locking, & lock neck hit cheek, grasp hair hook leg.
This program introduces how to use different hand, leg, body methods to subdue & bring down opponents if opponents try to hug you. It helps overcome frigthened, fearful, & weak emotions. 1st & 2nd section, each inroduce 5 different skills. 3rd section focuses on the skill aganist the hugging from behind. Dragger is a sharp weapon. Once were hit, life would definately in danger. This program shows you how to effectively react & give you ideas how to solve against it. It is divided into 3 sections containing 15 different skills on against dragger.
Against Grasp (1)
Against Fist Attacks (1)
Against Hair Grasp (1)
Item Code: SDAL08
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This program focuses on showing how to prevent shoulder being grasp from front, side, & back. It is divided into 4 sections containing 18 different skills. e.g. press hand wind arm, grasp hair hit throat, press hand control arm....
Skills to defense fist attacks are excellent trainings to train mind, will, temper, & emotions. This program shows you how to fight against fist attacks in 3 sections 16 different methods.
This program focuses on showing effective reacting methods when head is being attack. It is divided into 2 sections 12 different methods on preventing front & back attacks. e.g. press hand press elbow, pull wrist hit hand, grasp head lock throat....
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