Qing Cheng Taoist Wushu VCD Series
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(3) Triple
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by Master Liu, Sui Bing
Liu Tong Fist (2)
Monkey Fist (2)
Cannon Hammer Frame (3)
Tan Gang Fist (2)
8 Immortal Sword (3)
Demonstration of Qing Cheng Taoist Wushu & Weapon Routines (1)
Sun Men Dan Ben Fist (3)
Xuan Men Tai Chi Chuan (3)
White Tiger Short Staff (2)
About Performer: Master Sui Bing Liu is Zhang Men (head leader) of Qing Cheng Faction.
About the form: Qing Cheng faction's Wushu from Qing Cheng Mountain is the origin of all taoist wushu. It's now under culture preserving program. Its special characteristics can be easily observed. Movements not only are refined & agile, but also have health-preserving, mind-clearing & disease-curing effects.
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Tan Gang Fist is evolved from the formation of North star and its surrounding stars. Featuring using Softness (yin) to subdue hardiness (yang), using opponent's force to hit opponent. It's footwork is mostly in triangle steps.
Liu Tong (Liu = Six, Tong = magic power). This routine is from EMei mountain. It belongs to "Crane" in Emei 5 Animals Fist. Very Practical. Hand methods are highly changable. Attack opponent in advancing and retreating. Featuring Hit & Run.
An advanced sword routine in taoist wushu to comnemorate Taoist 8 Immortals. Using reacting force to subdue opponent.
Demonstration of Qing Cheng Taoist wushu and its weapon routines. It is an excellent collection for all taoist wushu lovers.
White Tiger Short Staff was originated from the SanYuanMen Kungfu of Northern Branch of Qing Cheng Faction. It features using short weapon to subdue long weapons, like spear, long pole; and hitting bones' joints, like elbows, knees. You can also use this form to combine using with Dim Mak. Very useful.
Sun Men Dan Ben Fist belongs to "Tiger" in Qing Cheng 5 Animals Fist, so it's also named as QIng Cheng Tiger Fist. It's different from Shaolin Tiger Fist which is imitate the movements of tigers. This routine has a lot of Fist methods and less leg methods, so it is an excellent form for close combact.
Cannon Hammer Frame is main a leg method routine. Its leg methods are fast, highly exchangable, & powerful. Good for combacts beyond the fists can reach.
Xuan Men Taiji has 3 routines. 1st routine has two methods to practise: One method is for everyone (No Prior Wushu Study is required); Another method is for players with 3-5 years experiences. 2nd Routine is for players with 5-10 years wushu experiences. 3rd Routine is only for sole heir Head leader of Qing Cheng Faction. It's oen of the most important form in Qing Cheng Faction.
by Gao, Jian
An imitating form in Qing Cheng wushu. There are 8 baisc hand methods, 6 basic leg methods, 2 major footwork, and 11 major body methods. Hand methods: grap, hold, hook, lock, climb, throw, point, & hit. Leg methods: point, spring, hook, kick, step, & tread.