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Chi Family TonBei Fist
by Master Shan, Chang Wen
About Performer: Master Chang Wen SHan is now President of Anshan Wushu Association, Committe member of LiaoNing Provence Wushi Association, & national first grade wushu judge. He passed 6th grade wushu grading examination.
Fundamentals (1)
Tonbei Spear (2)
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8 Step 13 Broadsword (2)
Demonstration of Chi Family Tonbei Fist & Weapon Routines (1)
Chi Family Sword (1)
Tonbei Spear DanChou (1)
4th Routine
Separate Hands (1)
4th Routine
Separate Broadsword (2)
108 DanChou Method:
72 Fighting Methods (2)
8 Step 13 Broadsword
DanChou (1)
108 DanChou Method:
36 Hands (2)
This program covers 12 Tonbei Spear DanChou methods, its footwork and body movements; Basic Techniques on Spear Sparring & Applications, and two major seperate spear methods.
Chi Family Tonbei Spear majorly has 10 seperate spear methods, 32 spear points, 36 spear methods, & LenChou methods. Created for practical use. This program covers the characteristic of Chi Family Tonbei Spear, its 12 LenChow methods, and important parts of 36 spear methods.
108 DanChou methods were formed by 36 Hands methods & 72 Fighting Methods. This program covers 36 Hands and its applications. It's the basic of 108 DanChou mehtod and the very important part of Chi Family Tonbei Fist
72 Fighting methods is second section of 108 Danchou methods. Sanshou and its applications are the major contents. A valuable fighting technique material.
This disc includes different demonstration of Chi Family Tonbei Fist, broadsword, spear, sword routines. It completely show audience the characteristics of Chi Family Tonbei Fist, high fighting value.
This program teaches the very basics of Chi Family Tonbei Fist including hand methods, plam methods, finger methods, footwork, and basic standling pole postures. This is a must buy for all Chi Family Tonbei Fist practicers. Steady fundamental movements are always important to master.
ChiMen Sword is evolved from Spear and broadsword movements. It contains the characteristics of broadsword, spear and sword plays. Both hands are used to hold the sword handle. It is a powerful sword form, but still retain the beauty of sword plays as other sword rotuines.
4th Routine Seperate Broadsword is a fast and wild routine. This program covers the entire 4th Routine Seperate Broadsword routine. It teaches how to break up & block opponents' attack.
A broadsword routine based on DanChou method. It was formed by 8 different footworks, 13 broadsword points, 36 Sanshou method. Wild and agile routine.
Seperate Hand is majorly on DanChou. Growing of frame, method, power, and mind is important in practising the form. Hard within Softness; Yang within Yin..
This broadsword routine contains 8 different footworks, 13 broadsword points, and 36 hand methods, so it is named as 8 step 13 broadsword. Wild & fast; Agile footwork.
About the Form: Chi Style Tonbei was originated in middle of Qing daynasty, about 150 years ago. It was created by Master Chi Xin in Hebei Provence. He & his son, Chi Tai Chong, absorbed specialities of different spear methods, broadsword methods, & hand methods to create this new family style, Chi Family style. After several generations from Chi Tai Chong, Master Hu Yue Sen visited and taught Chi style Tonbei in southern part of China several times and it was spread out broadly at that time and became one of important traditonal styles in Chinese martial arts.