Mi Zong Fist Series
by Liu, Jun Qi
About the performer: President of Eastern Wushu School & 9th generation inheritor of Mizong Men
Mizong Pu Falchion (1)
LingFeng Double-broadsword (1)
Damo Double-sword (1)
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Pu Falchion is a broadsword with a short stick as handle. This form is the shen style routine. It features coupling hardness & softness, agile body movements, variable forms combination, efficient offensive & defending skills. Tight structure.
LingFeng Double-broadsword features large & circling movements. Fast, fierce, agile, & diverse forms. Clean pace & tight structure. Major techniques: Pi (split), Kan (slash), Lan (block), Zhan (cut-off), Duo (chop), Liao (sweep), An (press), Qie (cut), & Dian (point).
This form emphaizes rule of 5 elements, theories of Yin & Yang, Following essences of Pakua & 9 Square. Large & wide movements, steady footwork, agile movments, couple hardness with softness, couple fast pace & slow pace. Major forms are Pi (split), Dian (point), Liao (sprinkle), Yun, Zhan (cut-off), Chung (through), & Gua (hang).
Mizong Double Tiger Hooks (1) Mizong Double Maces (1)
HunYuan Double Hammer (1)
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Double Maces is a single person training routine. Its circling forms are big & wide. Agile & various, fierce & fast forms. Close & tight structure. Major techniques are Pi (cut), Sao (sweep), Dian (point), Tiao (raise something with a stick), Jia (frame), Lian (block), & Beng (collapse). Mizong Double Hammer has 3 routines. 1st routine, HunYuan Double Hammer; 2nd routine, XuanBa Double Hammer; 3rd routine, Lianzhi Double Hammer. This program covers 1st routine. It features practical usage. large & circling movements. Be like waves in ocean while acting; Be like mountain while not acting. Steady footwork & complicated body methods. Fierce & powerful.
Wide & open, smooth & clear  movements. footworks and forms are like waves, all well-linked. hooks & leg all used together. Skills are complete and cover both attacking & defending aspects. Major skills are hook, Lou (hug), Ka (block), Suo (lock), Liao (sprinkle), Pi (cut), Beng (collapse), An (press), Lao (winding), & Sao (sweep)
Da (Big) ChinNa Hand (1)
Tian Gang 36 Forms (1)
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Tian Gang (North Star) 36 forms is a single person training routine. It emphazies on practical usage. Hand & Leg used together. Couple with hardness & softness. agile & various movments. Skills are complete and cover both attacking & defending aspects. Major skills are Kicking, hanging, sweepong, jumping, cutting, grabing, blocking, holding & piercing.
ChinNa is an unique & practical skills in wushu, Skilled ChinNa person can control opponents. Even though strong & tough opponents are not able to use their forms & weapons. Major skills are Jian (cut), Tuo (hold), Ku (cross over), Ban (move), Kang (carry on the shoulder), & Ka (wedge).
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