Fundamentals of Mizong Fist
Fighting Techniques Series
by master Li, Yu Chuan
About the performer: Master Yuchuan Li is one of the 7th generation leading Mizong Fist masters. He is now the chairman of Hebei Mi Zong Quan Association.
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100 Practical Fighting Techniques (3)
Five Tiger Fist (2)
Fundamental Hand & Palm Methods (2)
Two Persons Force-issuing Training (2)
Two Persons Attacking & Intercepting Training (1)
Two Persons Attacking & Dodging Training (1)
Mizong LiuHe (Six Harmony) Spear (1)
Mizong Two Heads Spear (1)
Mizong is a famous attacking form among different kungfus. This program contain 100 useful fighting techniques from traditional Mizong fist. Attack & defense in one.
Also called "Big Five Tiger Fist. It imitaties five different tiger movements. Fists are fast and strong. Valuable combact kungfu. Major forms are grabbling, "Pu", & "Liao".
A required routine in Mizong Fist. It contains 12 methods to train practicers' hand & palm postures. Simple & easy to learn. Strong attacking ability. Every force-issuing requires conslidating all the energy of the body.
A basic sparring training in attacking & intercepting skills. It helps practicers to actually apply the fundamental skills in fighting.
A basic sparring training in the usage of force-issuing. It helps practicers to actually apply the fundamental skills in fighting. This is important because you cannot use the Mizong forms well if you cannot issue powerful forces
Liu He in Liu He Spear means "mind & will in one; mind & qi in one; qi & force in one; internal & external in one; spirit & forms in one; body & spear in one". A powerful spear routine.
Two head spear is a special spear with two heads. Due to two heads, it minimize the time needed in attack & defense front & back, left & right. A rare weapon routine.
This shanshou sparring training focus on techniques of attacking and dodging. The training simulates real fighting. Practicing in group can accelerate the training result & have a better feeling of group fighting.