Mi Zong Fist Series
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by master Li, Yu Chuan
Qing County Mizong Fist 7th generation inheritor
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Mizong Yi (2)
Mizong Fist: 15 Words Fighting Techniques (3)
Twin Whip Sticks (1)
Fundamental of Practical Fighting Part 1:
Single Person Hitting Exercise (1)
Liuhe Single Broadsword (1)
Mizong Yi is Forms are complicated and skills are deep. All movements are practical. Lying (kao), hugging (bao), sticking (nen)... some major techniques among 15 words fighting techniques are summarized. softness within hardness. It has 6 sections 60 movements.
Mizong Fist is famous in its applications. This program trains 13 major parts of the body and is the fundamental exercise for increaseing fighting abilities.
15 Words are Kao (leaning againest), Bao (hug), Nian (stick), Ao (obstinate), Ding (top),Tian (to spring), Le (rub one's palm along), Kou, Dan, Ti (carry), Liao (raise & hold up), Chan (wind around), Ji (hit), Tuo (hold in the palm of the hand), Lan (block). It is all about how to release forces from different part of the body. 15 Words mean 15 ways to release forces.
A special pair of weapons of Mizong Fist. It was created in Song dynasty. Its major movements includes zha (prick), Lu, Sao (swap), Laio (raise & hold up), Pi (cut). Open & Close are all balance & in harmony. Entire routine is divided in 6 sections 49 movements.
A major broadsword routine in Mizong fist. Unpredictable movements confuse opponents. It emphasis the balance of yin yang, internal qi & external forces, & the broadsword itself. Its major techniques are cut, hack, chop, swap, liao, pick. Entire routine has 6 sections 51 movements.