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Mandarin Duck Fist VCD Series
by master Guan, Tieyun
Mandarin Duck Ground-lying Gong
64 mins
Mandarin Duck Fist:  Short Staff
70 mins
Demonstrations of Mandarin Duck Fist & Weapons Routines
64 mins
Mandarin Duck Fist:
Lotus Leaf Broadsword
62 mins
Mandarin Duck Circling Step Fist
71 mins
Mandarin Duck Qibu (odd Step) LianShou Fist
71 mins
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About Performer: Master Tieyun Guang was born in Hebei Province in 1950. He won the Individual Excellent Award from the National Wushu compilation in 1984. He is now an an associate professor and a national wushu judge.
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Circling Step Fist is 1st set of Mandarin Duck Fist, fundamental techniques, featuring arc steps in foot methods. In hand methods, there are throw, hit, chop, smash, & crack. In leg methods, there are fasten, cover, cut, sweep, & kick. It's an outstanding routine for leg works. This routine has 6 sections and 37 postures.
Short Stick is 13 times of normal hand width. There are 9 stick methods & 2 stick-handling methods. Stick methods have dot, chop, support, lift, swing, poke. Picking & Poking are its stick-handling methods. It has 30 forms in 5 sections. Short stick is portable and easy to handle. It is a practical tool to attack & defense.
Ground-lying Gong is 2nd set of Mandarin duck Fist. Symmetrical body balance of left part & right part of your body and specical leg works are its features. It has 6 sections & 41 postures
This program consists 1st - 7th routines of Mandarin Duck Fist & 2 weapon routines (short staff & broadsword). They are performed by Xichang Dong, 5th generation, Tieyun Guan, & Boyun Guan, 7th generation. It has slow motions of the routines, so you can watch the movements clearly.
This routine totally and completely shown the features and practicality of Mandarin Duck Fist, movements are all in pairs, symmetrical in left & right and special footworks. In defensing & attacking techniques, there are unique differences, like the different duties between male & female mandarin duck. One flies thousand miles away & one stays at home place. It has 38 movements in 6 sections.
Item code: MD004
In routine menu, it says "The broadsword is a piece of lotus leaf; it goes like lightening; broadsword should be held firmly; Spirit integrates with methods." which shows the core of the routine. It has 5 sections & 34 movements.