Liu He (Six Harmony) Fist Series
by master Li, Jun De
About the performer: Master Jun De Li is Committee member of Cang Zhou City Sanshou Association. Major inheritor of Cang Zhou Liuhe Men Liuhe Fist.
Liuhe Fist 2nd Routine (1) Liuhe Cannon Fist 1st Routine (1)
Liuhe Fist 1st Routine (1) Liuhe Cannon Fist 2nd Routine (1)
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Item Code: LH002
Liuhe Cannon Fist is an intermediate routine in Liuhe Fist. Fierce & wide-opened movements can defeat opponents in one strike. Clear transaction between movements. It has an excellent value in both health-preserving & self-defense.
Liuhe Fist using "Surrounding", "Blocking", "Intercepting" as attacking method. Its attacking techniques are mainly counter-attack techniques. Attack & defense completed at same time. Major techniques are "cunning", "rubbing one's palm along", "carrying", "stirring up", "kicking", "throwing", "grasp", & "leaning"..etc. It has excellent value in both health-preserving & self-defense.
Liuhe Za Fist 1st Routine (1)
Liuhe Za Fist 2nd Routine (1) Guangdong Fist (1) Returning Dragon Fist (1)
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Item Code: LH006
Za means "pound, smash". Its major fist methods are Chun Fist, Pi Fist, Za Fist; Major leg methods are front kick, side kick, & jump kicking. Attack & defense completed at one time. Clear movements & transactions with full-of-strength movements. Concise sanshou techniques of Liuhe Fist. It is one of the most important fist routine in ther series. Practical & Skillful sanshou techniques can be used daily for self-defense purpose. Entire routine focuses on palm methods & techniques. Major palm methods are Pi (cut) palm, Tiao (stir up) palm, Kao (leaning) Shan (mountain) palm. Close structure, intense hand methods, agile movements. Easy to learn.
Xin Men 8 Forms (1)
36 Forms (1) Liuhe Fist Sparring: Le Hand (1)
Liuhe Short Fist (1)
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Item Code: LH011
Xin Men 8 Forms using "Push", "Grasp", "Intercept" as its major attacking methods. Various & changable forms. Attack & defense completed at once.. Pulling associated with hitting. Excellent for health-preserving & self-defense purpose.
Movements are short & close. Movements, flexible like snake; Fists fast like falling stars. Solid footwork & powerful fist.
It features fierce fists. Usage of skillful methods in practical way. Softness accompany with hardness. Many policemen, soliders,  security guards learned this in order to enhance their fighting & self-defense skills.
It emphasizes well-coordinated & well-arranged hands & legs methods. Hand attacks while leg defense; Hand defense while leg attack. In combat, hand methods are priorty. Wrist is an important part in using forces. Balanced hand and legs methods.
Liuhe Broadsword vs Spear (1)
Liuhe Broadsword 1st Routine (1) Liuhe Broadsword 2nd Routine (1)
Liuhe Ba Bu Broadsword (1)
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Item Code: LH014
Item Code: LH013 Item Code: LH015
A weapon sparring exercise. It features how to use a short weapon, broadsword, to attack & defend long weapon, spear. Major skills are Ce (pierce), Ja (frame), Jie (intercept), Don (block), & Ba (pull).
Movements of Ba (Pull) Bu (Step) broadsword routine are closely linkd and well-arranged. Smooth & fierce. Covers various broadsword methods. Major skills are Pi (chop), Kang (cut), Liao, Gua (hang), Shao (sweep).
Pi (chop), Jia (frame), Kan (slash), Jie (intercept) are basic techniques of Liuhe broadsword. Clear & smooth movements are fierce & agile. It trains people flexibility & endurance. Useful in self-defense.
Liuhe Short Stick Techniques (1)
Item Code: LH017
It contains attacking & defending techniques of sword & broadsword. Major skills are Ce (Stab), Liao (Sprinkle), Gua (Hang), Pi (Cut), Dian (Point). Softness within hardness forces. Wide-opened & clear movments.
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