XinYi LiuHe (6 Harmony)
BaFa (8 Methods)Fist Series
by master Wu, Ying Hua
About the performer: Master Ying Hua Wu is the president of HuaiNan Wushu Association.
Xinyi Liuhe (6 Harmony) Bafa (8 methods) Fist (4)
Item Code: XYLH06
Method usage & force usage were the most important thing to be mastery in Xinyi Liuhe Bafa Fist. Knowing both correct method usage and forces usage was the best group of the player; Knowing correct forces usage was the middle level player; Knowing correct method usage only was the lowest group of player. Peaceful mind & heart were important. Forms were only tools to train your heart (Xin) & mind (Yi).
Xinyi Liuhe Bafa Fist: Method Usage (2)
Xinyi Liuhe Bafa Fist:
8 Major Standing Postures (1)
Item Code: XYLH07
Item Code: XYLH08
Method Usage in Xinyi Liuhe Bafa did not have fixed rules. The only rule was "nothingness", ruled by the rule but not regulated by the rule. It associated with natural reaction, observation of weakness & reality. Physical training emphasized on "mind" not "forces". This program helps player to practise correct forms & frames, then correct usage of internal forces. It is an important order in practising Xinyi Liuhe Bafa fist.
8 Major Standing Postures were the most common, useful, & basic standing postures in Xinyi Liuhe Bafa Fist. Its purpose was, through the training of standing postures, observing & becoming familiar with the essense of the fist forms. It requires claim & peaceful mind to help qi flowing.
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