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Liang Yi (Yin Yang) Dim Muk Series
by Master Duan, Bao Hua
About Performer: Master Bao Hua Duan is National 1st Grade Wushu Teacher, Chairman of  Liang Yi Dim Muk Kungfu Association (China), Headmaster of Liang Yi Dim Muk. He and his students were awarded "One of The Most Extreme in Chinese Heritage" award in Beijing in November, 2001. 
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Demonstrations of Liang Yi Dim Muk Kungfu Routines (1)
Liang Yi Dim Muk Kungfu consists of several routines: 24 forms Old Frame, Kungfu Frame, PaiDa Gong, Di (Ground) Gong, Bagua...etc. This program shows them all.
Fundamentals (1)
Liang Yi stands for Yin Yang. All things in the world has its Ying Yang. They are interacting and changing internally. Liang Yi Dim Muk Kungfu is gather both (Yin & Yang) qi energy and release at once causing temperory disability to your opponents due to blocked qi in opponents' body. It's hard to solved and cured by any medicine. You can only rely on Liang Yi Dim Muk kungfu to solve the qi blocking disability.
Liang Yi Sanshou Dim Muk (Acupoint-Pressing and its solving) (1)
Liang Yi Acupoint Pressing methods can be used in anytime. It wouldn't be limited by space, time. Different methods, points of pressing and levels of power could cause different circumstances to opponents. Some may lose their speaking ability, temperory body unstability, limbs disability...etc.
Fa Jing (Force-Issuing) Gong (1)
Liang Yi Pai Da (body-hitting) Gong (1)
Liang Yi Di (Ground) Gong (1)
Liang Yi Pai Da requires "4 fists, 9 forces, 3 assisting-forces" combining major meridians, extra-ordinary meridians to do fixed-spot body-hitting exercises and free step body-hitting exercises. Through long term of pracitce, all acupoints and meridian points could suffer larger impacts. Expertising the exercise, you could even close the acupoints by your mind to avoid opponents' attack.
Fa Jing Gong utilizes "4 fists 9 forces", up & down, left & right hand methods combining up & down body method. When it looks like an attack, it may a defence; When it looks like a defence, it may an attack. Its methods includes Da (big) Miao, Xia (small) Miao, Zhi (straight) Miao, Jong He (integrated) Miao, Bagua steps, Nine square steps, Sanshou steps, and Flower steps.
Di Gong features practising power of whole body, powers of particular body part, power consolidating, hidden forces, arm power, wrist power, finger power, and internal powers. Liang Yi Dim Muk Kungfu could be called that it's the most pracitcal internal kungfu.
Shang Tian (Instinct) Bagua (3)
Hou Tian (Acquired) Bagua (1)
Liang Yi Xiao Miao Zhi (1)
Correct fundamental movements, body movements and footwork are very important before practising Hou Tian Bagua. It utilizes characteristics of Yin Yang Qi to generate sudden forces.
Xiao Miao Zhi is an exercise that mainly trains the harmoney of eyes, hand methods, body methods, & footwork of Liang Yi Dim Muk Kungfu.
Harmony of footwork and body movements are very important in practising Shang Tian Bagua. Gua Ding Force, Ground-steping, waisting turning force, standing pole method.... all methods make the sudden forces generation possible.
Kungfu Frame (2)
Slow Frame (2)
24 Forms Old Frame (1)
Old Frame traing method is similar to Liang Yi Shang Tian and Hou Tian Bagua emphazing the harmony of body movements, hand methods, eyes' direction and footworks.
Health-preserving exercises in Liang Yi Dim Muk Kungfu series.
Kungfu Frame like Yin Yang. Movements sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes up, sometimes down. Utilizes "4 fists 9 forces" and the harmony of Yin Yang Qi. Through the deeper practices, from the beginning level "High Frame" graduatly to "Middle Frame", then to Advanced level "Low Frame".
24 Road Cao Shou (2)
24 Road Po Shou (Breaking Hand) & Jing Shou (Advancing Hand) (2)
Combination of Dai Miao, Xiao Miao, Old Forces, Ling Forces. Requires fast & agile movements. "4 Fists 9 Forces" is utilized in this routine.
COmbination of Dai Miao, Xiao Miao, Old Forces, Ling Forces. Requires fast & agile movements.Same as other Liang Yi Dim Muk routines requiring the harmony of footwork, hand mehtods, body movements, & eyes. Using "4 fists 9 forces".