Bagua ZhiTang 64 Palm (1)
Bagua 8 Forms & Sparring Exercises (1)
Bagua Hand-rolling Broadsword (2)
Demonstration of Liang Style Bagua & Weapon Routines (1)
Liang style Bagua SanHe Sword (2)
Liang Bagua 8 Palms (1)
Old 8 Palms (1)
Fundamentals of Liang style Bagua (2)
Liang Bagua Footworks (1)
Standing Pole Methods (2)
Body-reinforcement Exercises (1)
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Liang Style Bagua Palm VCD Series
by Master Zhang, Jin Liang
About Performer: Master Zhang, Jin Liang is 3rd generation inheritor of Liang style Bagua Palm and he passed 7th grade wushu grading evaluation (highest level).
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Standing Pole Methods divided into 3 parts: Still 8 Standing Poles, Continuous 8 Standing Poles, & Immortal 8 Standing Poles. It is the basics for bagua and also the gateway to reach advanced level.
A reinforcement exercise to 8 parts of our bodies, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, waist, thigh, knee, feet ("8 Doors") which are most important parts in combact.
This program introduces Bai Ko Bu (footwork), major footwork in Bagua & other footworks using in combact. Three practicing methods for footworks are introduced: Single continuous practice, Zhi Tang continous Practice & Circle continous practice.
Old 8 Palms is also named as 8 Major Palms. It's the oldest, most fundamental, most important, most practical in Bagua Palm. Lots of forms and movements in Bagua are evolved from Old 8 forms 
Also named as Still 8 Palms or Single Turning Palm. Basic forms in Bagua. They are Sinking palm, Pushing palm, Raising palm, Holding palm, spear-holding palm, Pointing palm, Yin-yang palm, & Mill-pushing palm
Hand-rolling method is the feature of this broadsword set. Featuring using the power & ability of wrists.
A sword set based on Bagua Palm, combining with Zen, Hsing-I & Tai Chi Chuan.
A simple, easy-to-learn, practical Bagua Routine. Movements are splendid but powerful.
It's a practical combact training. This set is from master Zhi Ming Li. Purpose is to train liang style student to use the most practical forms in the style to win the combact with the student using other style in bagua.
Demonstration of major forms in Liang Style Bagua and its weapon routines. Including, footworks, hand methods, body methods, sanshou, standing pole methods, & others.
This program includes characteristics of Liang Style Bagua, Understanding the circling and its requirements, 6 mind training methods, & 2 forced methods