Li Style Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
About Performer: Master Jinlong Ma is the 3rd generation inheritor of Li style tai chi chuan. He won the gold medal at the National Wushu ?Competition and was the coach of Beijing Workers' Wushu Team.
by Master Ma, Jinlong
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About the style: Li style tai chi chuan is also known as Taiji Five-star Hammer Boxing, which was created by famous master Ruidong Li. Li based on the Hammer movments used in tai chi and combined other movements of tai chi, Bagua Palm, and Hsing-I Chuan, such as parring, punching, and pounding, to form this new style of tai chi.  It features practice of mentality, posture, qi, and alertnesses on finding attacking chances. "Mentality leads movements; softness of the body" is the core.
Five-Star Hammer (2)
114 mins
22 Forms (1)
71 mins
7th Sword Routine (1)
66 mins
Five Dragon Fist (1)
69 mins
Li Style Tai Chi Five Animal Fist (1)
60 mins
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Five Dragon Fist is named according to heart, liver, spleen, lung, & kidney. 5 colors indicate 5 organs. Describling Dragon mainly emphasizes the agility of wrist.
Five-star Hammers: Handle & Block Hammer; Bottom Elbow Hammer; Finger Hammer; Body Shifting Hammer, and Planting Hammer
22 selected movements from Five-star Hammer set. Easy to access.
It's a major routine among 13 routhines of Li style tai chi sword. It features flexibility of lower & middle part of the body plenty of sudden movements  
Demostration of Li Style Tai Chi & Weapon Routines (1)
60 mins
Item code: LTJ005