KunLun Mt. Kungfu VCD Series
by master Huang, Shuang Qing
About KunLun Mt.: KunLun Mountain was well known in Chinese mythology & were believed to be Taoist paradise. The first to visit this paradise, according to the legends, King Mu (1001-847 BC) of the Zhou Dynasty. He supposedly discovered there the Jade Palace of Huang-Di, The Yellow Emperor, & the Royal Mother of the West, who also had her mythical abode in these mountains.
Two Dragons Fist (1) Five Elements Fist (2)
Si Xiang (4 Directions) Fist (2)
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This routine is based on the restraint & reinforcement among 5 elements, according to 7-star, Plum-blossom steps & 5 different internal gong. Its continuous vigor & fists like Gong Li fist. Close-to-opponents movements. It divided into 5 sections 5 directions: 1 cutting east, 2 hitting south, 3 coiling west, 4 pushing north, 5 sweeping middle.
A routine that focuses on leg methods. It emphasizes the harmony of body, hand, & leg methods. Kicking & sweeping like dragon playing in the sea and creating big waves. Agile & unexpectable movements. Si Xiang means 4 Directions in this routine. It has other meanings like, 4 seasons or 4 auspicious animals. 4 directions represents East, West, South, North (Blue dragon, White tiger, Red Phoenix, & Black Tortoise). "East" trains mind & spirit, like drgaon flying into the sky; "West" has solid footwork, like tiger's bravery & fierce; "South" emphasizes complete forces & agile movements' "North" emphasizes harmony of spirit & forces, like softness & flexable of snake, like tortoise's solid, deep, & with hidden qi.
Liu Gong Circling Palm (1)
Wuji (Ultimate) 5 Hands (1)
Ma Zhi Fist (1)
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An internal force Gong Li fist. Qi stores in Dan Tian area & turn Dan Tian qi into "Ultimate" forces. It trains how to open & close Dan Tian, release & store Dan Tian qi. It contains 5 different hitting methods, 5 forces, 5 shouting methods, & natural breathing method - storing qi & transfering qi.
This routine emphasizes on fast attack & close combat. Sense of attack & defense are both well-considered in the movements. Agile footworks. softness within hardness.
Ma Zhi fist is a routine with a lot of jumping movements. Attack & defense are both well-considered. Turn back suddenly & attack, opponents hard to defend. Fast attack & footworks.
Eight Method Palm (3)
Kui Wu Fist (1)
72 Hammer Fist (2)
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8 method is a palm routine according to the theories of bagua in Book of Changes. 8 form methods are: He, Guo, Tui, Dai, An, Bo, Tou, La; 8 leg methods are: kick, step, stamp one's feet, tread, hook, hang, sweep, jump. 5 different internal strength associating with these 8 lge & form methods. It features hand closely following the body, waist leading the body movements, sudden forces, & winding body.
A Gong Li fist that focusing on external strength. An important Kun Lum Mt. kungfu for beginners. Straight attack is its major attacking method. Major footwork is Zhi (word) step & Crossing step. Simple & easy to learn. A powerful fist routine. Simple & straight forward movements. Lightening fast fist movements coming with solid & hard forces. Its theory is "Attack is the best defending method".
White Crane Broadsword (2)
Bagua 7 Star Tai Yin Sword (1)
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This routine is based on theories of 5 elements in Book of Changes. It imitated the spirit & movements of white crane. Major techniques are cut, chop, carry, hang, yield, sweep, & hold associating with different leg methods. Using palm & broadsword together is one of its specialty. Softness with hardness.
This sword routine is according to the changes of Yin & Yang in bagua associating with 7 star steps & practical experience. It looks soft but hardness within. Major skills are Dian (pointing), Jie (intercepting), Tiao (carrying), Ce, Liao, Kan.... "Tai Yin" is a rule of practising. It means using Yin to lead Yang, Yin surrounds Yang.
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