King Kong Force Exercises
DVD Series
Explained & Performed by: Yu, Xianhua
About the Performer: Xianhua Yu is 23th generation heir to Kingkong Force Exercises.
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King Kong Force Exercise & 72 Self Protection Stunts
Content: 2 DVD discs, 107 mins
Item Code: OMAD020
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Kingkong force exercise and 72 self-protection stunts, as far as actual combat is concerned, attach to the coordination of feet, body, hands and eyes. Strategically, there are defense as well as attack, or both. Technically, there are skills of grasping, hitting, capturing, throwing, hoofing, and kicking. Forcefully, there are hardness, softness, lightness, and briskness all in an instant. These stunts are capable of defending and defeating the enemy.
72 Unique Skills of King Kong Health-care Massage
Content: 2 DVD discs, 97 mins
Item Code: OMAD021
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Kingkong Health-care massage is an essential part of kingkong force technique exercise series. It is a sound and popular massage exercise as it is based on substantial scientific theory and combines exercise techniques, health reservation and health care. It features mainly hand techniques, light, heavy, composed and firm force and unique techniques of twining, pressing, kneading, pinching, spotting, scraping and percussing which produce an effect of relaxing whole body, muscles and tendons, promoting circulation of qi, invigorating blood circulation and keeping health.
King Kong Moving Technique (9 Palm Techniques)
Item Code: OMAD022 Content: 2 DVD discs, 130 mins
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NOW US$19.99
Kingkong force exercise has qi as its essence, breath as its origin, and mentality as its root. It attaches greatly to the importance of nonentity, inaction, and self-cultivation and requires the exerciser to gather up his potential and form it into a soft and yet hard air mass through various postures and the power of will which may govern the air mass inside the whole body. Hence, this exercise can help people achieve the aim of self-adjust and keeping health.
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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones,
Mandarin Chinese,
2 subtitles (Simplified
Chinese/ English)