Traditional Wushu & I-Ching Series
by master Wu, Shi Jung
About the Performer: Master Shi Jun Wu is 11th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. A famous wushu coach & wushu judge.
Taiji Theroy & I-Ching (1) Taiji Methods & I-Ching (1)
Item Code: IC002
Item Code: IC003
Taiji gong & Taijiquan all trained internal & external Yin & Yang of players. Through the movements, it enchanced Yin Yang Qi of blood & reached the result of "training spirit" & "training qi". From the level of knowledge to totally understanding, to the level of "wu" (nothing) had one common theory. It was "TAIJI". Players needed to understand theories of "4 De (virtues), 4 He (combination), 4 Tong (through), 4 Ming (brightness).
Methods in Taiji had close relationship with I-Ching & Yin Yang Bagua. This program covered 8 Taiji "Jing": Ben, Le, Ji, An, Chai, Lie, Zhou, Kau, which are relatively matching the "Kan, Li, Zhen, Dui, Gen, Qian, Kun, Gen, Sun in bagua chart.
Introduction of Traditional Wushu
& I-Ching (1)
ZhiWu LiuZhu & I-Ching (1) Hsing-I Theroy & I-Ching (1)
Item Code: IC007
Item Code: IC004
Item Code: IC001
This program covers how to use natural energy & rules to practice & use forces. This method is called "ZhiWu LiuZhu XinGong Method",  "Immortal Turtle 8 methods", or "Flying 8 methods". It is an advanced routine. It is a training method that emphasizes on the balance of rules & changes in body growth & natrual 4 Seasons. It is an excellent health-preserving exercise.
Theories in Hsing-I were three: Confrontation in Yin Yang, Changes in Yin Yang, & Complement in Yin Yang. It improved internal strength & physical health. It was a series of techniques & methods full of characteristics of Yin & Yang.
I-Ching, Chinese Medicine, Wushu were all based on the theories of Yin Yang & 5 Elements. This program covered theories of mutual confrontation and complements of Yin Yang & 5 Elements, usages of these theories on body movements. It was required to acquired internal strength before training external forms.
Bagua Theroy & I-Ching (1)
Hsing-I Methods & I-Ching (1)
Item Code: IC006
Item Code: IC005
Theories of Bagua palm were from I-Ching. It was a series of training and practising principles based on theories of I-Ching. This program covered "gathering of 9 internal forces" (which was requirement of bagua movements), palm methods, body methods, footwork, circling, opening, closing, & its relationship with I-Ching.
Hsing-I was one of the most organized traditional wushu after long fist was created. Hsing-I is basically about "open" & "close". You could tell that "Hsing-I mainly practiced & grew qi.  Qi had Yin & Yang, Yin & Yang developed 5 elements, 5 elements return to the whole qi" by the Yin Yang Fish in Yin Yang Bagua Chart.
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