Hua Chuan Series
VCD Series by Master He, Jun Gang
1st Routine Hua Chuan (3)
Item Code: HC001
It is the 1st advanced routine in "Western Hua Chuan". Western refered to western area of China. Fist, palm, hook, & claw are basic hand forms; punch, push, cut, intercept, carry, hit, frame, hold, sweep, shake, pass, & chop, 12 different hand methods. Arrow step, horse step, pu (fall forward) step, false step, & ding step are 5 basic foot forms, which were associated with 7 different footworks.
8 Step Linked Fist Sparring Exercises(1)
Hua Chuan 8 Step Linked Fist (1)
Item Code: HC003
Item Code: HC002
This routine is from Shaolin 8 Step Linked Fist. It contains 22 movements which are completed in 8 steps featuring intense application of sanshou skills. 22 movements are 7 fist forms, 3 palm forms, 4 leg forms, 2 grab forms, 1 lying form, 1 defending form, 1 inducing form, 1 waiting form, & 2 heavy forms.
A sparring exercises of 8 Step Linked Fist. It helps player in handling & realizing the actual meaning of the form & its applications.
Luo Han (Arhat) 18 Hands (1)
Luo Han 18 Hands Sparring Exercises (1)
Item Code: HC004
Item Code: HC005
Arhat 18 hands has 18 different attacking methods. Forms are "straight in and straight out". It has 64 movements containing 6 differents fist methods, 2 palm methods, 1 elbow method, 4 leg methods, & 5 grasp methods.
An excellent exercise on training the co-ordinations of eyes, hands, footworks, body movements and forms. It fully presented "straight in and straight out" of Arhat 18 hands.
Hua Chuan Double Daggers (1)
Chuan Yun Sword (2)
Item Code: HC006
Item Code: HC007
It belongs to Shaolin Double Daggers which has 10 dffierent methods, Ce, Zha, Bao, Tiao, Hua.....etc. Daggers are handy and excellent weapons for self-defense.
The movements of this routine like dragon flying in the sky. Splendid and simple. It contains 20 different sword methods, including ben, liaom xiao, pi, di.....etc. Agile movements. Excellent for young players.
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