Hong Fist Series
This is a routine that emphasizes the body movements in Hong Fist. Featuring "Chen", "Zian", "Gou", "Gua", "Diao", "Na", "Mo", "Tong"... has 16 movements. A beloved routine for many wushu lovers.
Yau Zhi Ru Lin Fist (1)
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Demonstration of
Hong Fist Routines (1)
by masters Li, BoChiang, Dan, ShungMing, Jiou, ZhiYun, Li, BoChiang, He, ZhiCheung & Yang, XingCang
About the performer: Sifu Bo Chiang Li is the President of Minority Fists Research Institute in Zhan Xi Province. He passed 5th grade wushu grading examination. ZhiYun Jiou is the Chairman of Zhan Xi Traditional Fists Association and he passed 7th grade wushu grading examination.
Xiao Lan Jia (Small Nunchakus) (1)
Lan Jia is also called Shaozhi stick, a two-section stick looks like nunchakus. It was a tool using in farms. Southern Chinese people learned it and called it nunchakus and brought to Japan at the end of Qing dynasty. Xiao Lan Jia is a handy weapon. This routine emphasizes sudden power release.
Hong Fist is a traditional routine from Zhan Xi Province (a mid-north province in China). Entire routines are strong & hard emphasizing sudden power. Movements are straight forward, wide open, & fast. Practical in fightings.
Xiao (small) Hong Fist (1)
2nd Routine Hong Fist (1)
A basic routine in Hong Fist, belongs to Rou Fist Series. It has higher requirements on flexibility of waist, legs, wrists. Entire routine is a relatively soft, using soft forces. Simple & clear movements. Plenty of lower body movements. Movements are most in straight lines back & forth. It has 36 movements in total.
A standard routine in Hong Fist. It was divided in 8 sections 59 movements. It is featuring light body, free steps. Big & wide movements.
by Dan, Shung Ming
by Dan, Shung Ming
by Jiou, ZhiYun
by Jiou, ZhiYun
by Li, Bo Chiang
by He, ZhiCheung
Xia Fist (1)
Hong Fist Cannon Hammer (1)
by Yang, Xing Cang
by Dan, Shung Ming
Se Zhi (ten words) Da Chi (1)
Xia Fist is one of the fighting forms in Hong Fist. Entire routines has 66 movements. Basic movemnts include  "Diao:, "Na", "Lan", "Zhan", "Je", "Mo", Tong", "Pi".
A Zhan Xi traditional routine. It has 60 movements featuring the coordination of specialty movements, "Mo", "Tong", "Zhan" and hand methods of Chin, Na, Zhan, Kou different attacking techniques.
Yau Bu (steps) Fist (1)
This routine is the copmpletely shows the characteristics of Zhan Xi traditional kungfus. Entire routine is hard, strong, fast, clear & emphasizing sudden power. It has 52 movements including many special Zhan Xi leg movements
Core of Hong Fist. Requires basic training of Hong Fist. It has 76 movements including "Peng", "Jia", "Gou", "Zhan", "Shan", "Teng", "Na", "Diao"...
by Li, Bo Chiang
by Jiou, ZhiYun
by Dan, Shung Ming
by Yang, Xing Cang
Tiou Zhi Staff (1)
Spring & Autumn Falchion (Da Dao) (1)
A practical weapon routine with strong attacking abilities. Entire routine has 33 movements. Movments include "Fong", "Bang", "Tong", "Pi", "Xi", "Dung", "Zen".
A traditional powerful weapon routine. It has 43 movements. It was developed from 16 Da Dao methods from general GuanYu, a famous general in Three Kingdoms period. It includes "LiMa Dao", "TiaoPao Dao"...etc.
5 Tigers Broken Gate Broadsword (1)
Hong Fist Reverse Hand Short Stick (1)
This traditional routine was formed in Ming dynasty. Short stick is a handy and powerful weapon. Some people called it "13 Ba". Entire routine requires agile footwork in coordination with body movements to generate its powerful abilities.
It is a traditional broadsword routine which contains 30 movements. Basic movements include "Ja", "Pi", "Kan", "Na", "Guang", "Liao".
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