Hong Dong Tonbei Series
by Xu, Tan Xiang/ Chen, Zheng Hong
About the Performer: Ms Tan Xiang Xu is 9th generation inheritor of Hong Dong Tonbei fist. She passed 6th level evaluation test. She is 2nd grade national wushu judge, Vice-president of National Tonbei Association. Mr Zheng Hong Chen is an instructor of Tonbei fist.
Tonbei Iron Pestle Fist (1)
Tonbei Plum Blossom Fist (2) Tonbei Winding Fist 108 Forms (4)
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Tonbei Iron Pestle Fist is a sub-routine in Tonbei fist. It was from the major 108 forms. Its movments are agile & varied. Powerful offensive skills. It major forms are Ban, Lou, An, & Lie. A required routine in Tonbei fist.
Tonbei Plum Blossom routine also called as Qi (seven) Chu (pestle). It can be used in single practise or sparring exercise. Movements are small, fast, close, & varied. Major forms are Lou, Ban, Fu, Lie, & San.
Winding Fist is a complete fist system. It contains major routine, sub-routine, weapon routines, & sparring exercises. Major routine has 108 forms. First 54 forms called "Heaven Star", Remaining 54 forms called "Earth Star". Heaven represents "Yang" & Earth represents "Yin". There are 36 elbow skills, 37 drop-throwing skills, 7 dodging methods, 72 grabs, 24 leg skills, & 24 hand methods. Sub-routine has 32 regular & methods & 27 winding hand methods.
Tonbei 10 Linked Fist Sparring &
Dragon Catching Fist (1)
Tonbei 10 Linked Leg Fist (1)
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Tonbei 10 Linked Leg Fist was divided into upper routine & lower routine. A sub-routine in tonbei fist routines. It can be practised in single & sparring. Combination of upper & lower routines is used in sparring exercises. An integrated routine in defense & offense.
This sparring exercise was also divided into upper & lower routine. Movements require fast & fierce. Dragon Catching Fist is a special fist routine in Tonbei fist. It has its own special hand, dodging, elbow, leg methods, & footwork. 4 major hand methods are Ban, Lou, Fu, & Lie. Movements are small & close; Intense fist & leg forms.
Tonbei Double Sword (1) Tonbei Double Tiger Hooks (1)
Tonbei 42 Forms Staff (2)
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Item Code: TB017 Item Code: TB019
This routine is a secret routine in Hong Dong Tonbei. Its major skills are ben, pi, lian, dian, ya, ting, tiao, & kang. Movements are agile, light, fast. Excellent defending & offensing staff skills on both upper & lower body.
This routine was from 108 forms major routine. Smooth movements. Beginning forms are soft then become firm & solid. Slow then fast. One sword defense & another attack. An advanced routine in Tonbei fist.
This routine was from 108 forms major routine relating a battle formation from Song Dynasty. It was passed down by master Xu, Fong Shan. Its major skills are hook, pierce, press, block, prick.
Tonbei Broadsword & Spear (1)
Tonbei Single Sword (1)
Tonbei Whip-stick (1)
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Item Code: TB021
Item Code: TB022
These routines were from 108 forms major routine. Their major skills are pierce, chop, sprinkle, hang, & wind. Secret routines in Hong Dong Tonbei fist.
Tonebi Single Sword has 64 forms. First 32 forms called "Earth Star"; Last 32 forms called "Heaven Star". Its major skills are Zhan, Dian, Ben, Hong, Ci, An, Bai, & Liao. It is an integrated routine in offense & defense.
Whip-stick is handy & light, agile & varied movements. Its major movments are Ben, Jia, An, Liao, Da, & Bao Xing. A secret routine in Tonbei.
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