Ground Lying Kungfu Series
by master Zhang, Xian Zheng
About the performer: Master Xian Zheng Zhang is a senior wushu coach, a famous ground lying kungfu representative.
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Ground Lying Fist (2)
Item Code: GL06
Fall, swat, tumble, throw are basic movements of Ground lying fist. Associating with different hand, leg methods & footworks, it is a superior attacking routine aiming at opponents' lower body. Lying on the ground to train this routine is one of  its features. Every part of the body has close "relation" with the ground.
Ground Lying Staff (2)
Item Code: GL01
Ground lying staff is the combination of staff & ground lying kungfu. It is a staff routine mostly emphasizes lower body movements & staff methods. Utilizes Pi, Jie, Lun, Sao, Jiao, & Dian staff methods associating with Die, Pu, Gun, Shuai ....etc ground lying movements.
Ground Lying Spear (2)
Item Code: GL02
Ground lying spear is a "lower body spear" routine. Length of the spear should be the same as the practicers due to special characteristics of ground lying kungfu. Utilizes Lian, Na, Zha, Pi, Lan, Lun, Bo, Sao spear methods associating with ground lying kungfu.
Ground Lying Sword (2)
Item Code: GL03
Ground lying sword is the combination of sword play & ground lying kungfu. Reasonably, naturally, skillfully presents the associations of sword method, (Pi, Ci, Dian, Lian, Mo, & Liao) and ground lying movements (Die, Pu, Gun, Shuai....) It mainly initiate attack from lower part. Sometimes mixing upper part attack to confuse opponents.
Ground Lying Broadsword (2)
Item Code: GL04
Ground lying broadsword is the combination of broadsword play & ground lying kungfu. It requires great harmony of upper body & lower body. Broadsword & ground rolling & lying movements should be well-coordinated.
Ground Lying Double Broadsword (2)
Item Code: GL05
Most of the broadsword techniques are played associating with ground lying movements, rolling as walking, falling as walking. Major broadsword movements are Sao, Pi, Zha, Zhan, Dian.
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