Comparative Wushu Series
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Collections of Internal Kungfu (1) Introduction to Chinese Kungfu (1)
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Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Chinese kungfu, attracts the people all over the world, not only because it can make people healthy and strong, but also for its amazing movements. Kungfu performance, both with artistic appeal and great enjoyment, contains the strong oriental culture and spreads the intense emotion. This program covers several excellent kungfu performances.
Internal Kungfu (Neijia Kungfu) is one of the important catagories of traditional Chinese wushu. It include Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, & Wudang. It not only has the profound meaning for its culture character, but also very special and healthy to the practicing people for its skill and so on, which is hereby affecting greatly in China and abroad. This VCD collects many typical routines by famous kungfu masters and wushu champions.
Collection of Traditional Wushu (2)
Collection of Palm Methods (2)
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Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Chinese Kungfu has a long history and form an abundant skill and theroy system, which spread thousands of years. The traditional Chinese kungfu is the main part of it. This video will show you the Essence of Chinese traditional kungfu.
Palm is a well-known wushu method in China. It is a foundation of many wushu forms. This film including a lot of wushu palm technology from north to south. All performance were performed by famous wushu champions and masters.
Collection of Free Sparrings (2)
Collection of Internal Gong (2)
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Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Fighting skills is the soul of kungfu. This program covers lots of traditional & contemporary routines and methods of fighting skills. Without fighting skills, the word "Wu" in wushu becomes no meaning. It is the essence of different kungfus. It is a good reference for wushu lovers.
Internal Forces (Neigong) is a main wushu practice content. It is a foundation of many wushu form. This film includes a lot of wushu Neigong technology.
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(2) Set of 2
VCDs, US$13.99