Fo Han Fist Series
by master Yan, Xue Fung
About the performer: Master Xue Fung Yan is 6th generation successor of Fu Han Fist, a national 1st grade wushu judge, & Chairman of Chinese Fo Han Fist Association.
About the form: Fo Han Fist is also called as "Buddha Fist". It was originally from Shaolin Temple on Song Mountain. It is the accumlated experience & result of senior warrior monks. Since it was a secret form in Shaolin, so it was hand down to the public not long time ago. Well-combined intensive, various hand methods, body method, & footwork are all in harmony and balanced.
Traditional 108 Forms (3)
Traditional 24 Forms (1)
Demonstrations of Fo Han Fist & Traditional 12 Forms (1)
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Item Code: FH02
Item Code: FH01
The basic routine in Fo Han Fist. While doing hand movements, the hand follows elbow, and elbow follows upper body. One form has 3 "Da" (hits),  One "Da" has 3 "Po" (breaks). A fundamental course for all Fo Han Fist learners. A classic routine that 36 leg methods & 72 hand methods. They also call this routine "72, 49". It is famous in its "softness", grappling, bone-hitting, tendon-seperation, & close combat
Introduction to Fo Han Fist. It shows the characteristics of a secret Shaolin routine with sense of attack & defense in all movements.
24 Rotuines Hammer Fist & Sparring (10)
52 Forms (1)
Item Code: FH05
Item Code: FH04
A secret Shaolin routine that started spread out in the public about 140 years ago. Advanced routine & exercises in Fo Han Fist. It's one of the best sparring exercises excisted. Long time practice can highly improve close combat skills.
A concised routine in Fo Han Fist. No duplicate movement. Every single mvoement has the senses of defense & attack.
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