Feng Hongcan Dacheng Quan DVD Series

Demonstrated by Feng Hongchan

About the performer: Vice chairman of Dacheng Quan Yi Quan Zhanzhuang Gong committee of Henan province

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Keeping-fit Stance and Attacking Stance
(1 disc)

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Duration: 41 min
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Mr. Feng Hongcan is a disciple of Wang Xiangzhai. He has practiced Dacheng Quan for years, so he has had a unique and full understanding of try force, standing stance and boxing.
The main feature of Dacheng Quan is strong attack; you can apply various Quan at will in actual combat. Meanwhile, it can lead to good body-building and life preservation.

Try Force and Cao Fist
(1 disc)

Item Code: YC20
Duration: 43 min
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  Dacheng Quan is a blend of many schools of Quan. It literally means practice for 100 days will get some achievement and practice for 1000 days will make great achievement. Try force is one of the most important and difficult parts of this Quan. Try force literally means to know force by trying and then applying it. This episode gives a detailed explanation of various methods of try force in Dacheng Quan.

Standing Stance and Life Preservation
(2 discs)

Item Code: YC21
Duration: 83 min
Was US$29.99

  The fundamental practice of Dacheng Quan is standing stance. It can practice the spirit, adjust respiration and smoothen blood and flesh, so it is a study of life preservation and enhancing wisdom. It has made great contribution to improving people's health, and more important, it reserves and develops the attacking effect of Chinese traditional Quan and has formed a complete system.



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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones
Language: Mandarin Chinese
2 subtitles (Simplified Chinese/English)