Chuo Jiao Fanzi Fist VCD Series
by master Hong, Zhitian
About the performer: Master Zhitian Hong was born in 1946. He was taught directly by famous Chuo Jiao Fanzi master Wu Bing Lo. He started giving lessons in Beijing in 80's. He was wushu coach of Beijing Postal University. He is now the Vice Director of Beijing Foot Kicking Fanzi Institute & a honor committee member of Beijing Martial Association.
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Chou Jiao: 1,2,3 set (2)
144 mins
Item Code: FZ001
Chou Jiao has 9 set of movements and these 2 VCDs introduce fisrt 3 sets of the 9 sets of movement. It is good to heart & lung with long term practices.
Basic movements of Chou Jiao Fanzi (1)
55 mins
Basic movenments include stake stps, active steps, hand forms, leg forms, jumpingsm turnings, shakes, and wooden dummy exercises.
Item Code: FZ002
Application of Fanzi fist includes Gun hand, Upper hand, Dancing Cannon, & other attacking and defence techniques
Practical Sparring Exercises of Chou Jiao Fanzi (1)
63 mins
Item Code: FZ011
Shuang Shou Dai 1,2 Routine (1)
54 mins
Item Code: FZ009
Shuang Shou Dai is an ancient Chinese weapon using for close combact. Training methods are 3 Viewings and 3 Beatings. 3 Viewings: Mix, Catch, Pick; 3 Beatings: Chop, Cut, Poke.
Basic Techniques of Chou Jiao Fanzi (1)
66 mins
Item Code: FZ003
Basic Technoques include Eight fist techniques, Five-hand, Five-foot, fighting methods, basic hand and foot postures, & Eight-turning hand.
Item Code: FZ004
Large Fanzi 1st Routine: Support Hammer (1)
62 mins
Large Fanzi has 8 routines. This program introduces 1st routine. Large stance, moving fiercely, inflexibile force are its characteristics.
Short Hand Fanzi 2nd Routine (1)
71 mins
Item Code: FZ008
Short hand Fanzi has 6 routines. This program introduced 2nd routine. It features close range movements and sudden force. Its core is to collect qi at chest and then release on a hitting point.
Zhi Wu Sword (1)
66 mins
Zhi Wu Sword is a traditional weapon routine. Movements include raise, withdraw, block, lift, chop, hack, slice, point, thrust, & upper cut. This word play should be played alternatively in quick and slow succession with distinct rhythm.
Item Code: FZ010
Demonstration of Chou Jiao Fanzi & Weapon Routines (1)
48 mins
Item Code: FZ012
Small Fanzi 1st Routine: Petty Leg (1)
56 mins
Item Code: FZ007
Item Code: FZ006
Item Code: FZ005
Small Fanzi has 6 routines. This program introduce 1st routine. Agile & poweful.
Demonstrations of major routines in Fanzi fist & its weapon routines.
Yan Qing Fanzi 2nd Routine: Three Blocking Hand (1)
60 mins
Yan Qing Fanzi has 18 routines. This program introduce 2nd routine. Featuring rolling body, absorbing wrist, & shoulder fighting.
Kao Nan Len 1st Routine (1)
65 mins
Kao Nan Len 1st Routine is also named as Attaching Fanzi. It has 18 routines. Most movements are simulating animals' movements. Simulating rooster in order to strengthen force & move should, monkey to increase agility, snake to obtain continuous breath & its attaching methods, & tiger to get power.
Chuo Jiao Fanzi Techniques & Its Applications (1)
Item Code: FZ013
This VCD is divided into 8 parts:
1. Chuo Jiao Fanzi Techniques; 2. Hand leading & Leg leading methods; 3. Hard methods; 4. Pointing up hitting bottom turning method; 5. upper & lower spinning method; 6. Ze Sheng method; 7. Shoulder method; 8. Linked kicking & throwing method.
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