Emei Zhao Men Series
by Sifu Xiao, Qing Huang
7 Stars Fist (1)
Yan Qing Fist (1)
Ba Wong Fist (1)
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Characteristics of this routine is swift & fierce hand methods, varied leg methods, & natural body methods.  Movements structure is wide-opened. Hand, eyes, body method, footwork, spirit, qi, mind, & internal strength all in one, in harmony.
Yan Qing Fist was passed to Qing Yan from Jung Yi Lu in HeBei province. This routine became famous when Qing Yan defeated Yuan Er Ren. Its major techniques are chop, cut, catch, block, hook, & wind hand methods associating with leg methods & footwork. Ba Wong means Supreme chief. Its footworks are agile, movements are wide-opened. Strong & tremendous momentum. Practical with strong offensive skills. No fixed rules in applications.
Plum Blossom Fist (1)
5 Tiger Fist (1)
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It mainly emphasized on harmony of leg & hand methods. A proverb said: "One tiger standing still in one mountain; White Ape only hit acupoints; Hitting Qing emperor on the left; Hitting General Yang on the right; Hitting climbing monkey on the top, Hitting legs at the bottom one strike following one strike; Hitting fishing Jiang Tai Gong in the middle."
Zhao Men 5 Tiger Fist was passed down by 3rd emperor of Tang dynasty, Tai Zhong. Powerful & fierce. Proverb saying: "Skillful 5 Tiger Fist, no one can compete."
Plum Blossom Elbow (1)
Black Tiger Fist (1)
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Black Tiger Fist has varied skills. Hand methods are well-linked & well-organized. Swift body movements & footworks. Strong internal forces accompanied with harmonized & balanced leg & hand methods.
Proverb saying: "This routine can break steel wall. Heart like fire; mind like sword; voice like thunder; force issuing like arrow on bow, touch-and-go. 5 elements gathers in one place.
Xiao Zhi (2-Section Stick) (1)
3 Sections Stick (1)
Phoenix Tail Broadsword (1)
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This routine has 32 forms. Major skills are chop, cut, sweep, pierce, push, entrust, carry, sprinkle, & block. Swift movements & varied broadsword skills. Tight & close structure. Fast & Fierce. A traditional soft weapon in Emei Zhao Men kungfu. Its major skills are chop, throw, hit, cover, sweep, intercept, & swing. It requires stick methods, footwork, hand method, leg method, & body movements are all in harmony. Agile movements with varied skills. Solid & forceful. Xiao Zhi is the original name of nunchakus, a handy & practical weapon. It features varied attacking & defending techniques. Its major skills are drawing out, carrying, winding, sweeping, paring, pointing, & hitting.
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