Emei Kungfu VCD Series
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by master Wu, Xin Liang
About Performer: Master Xin Liang Wu is a famous master in Emei Kungfu and the creator of Emei Soft Push hand. He passed wushu 7th grade evaluation. He is also a national wushu judge.
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Demonstration of Emei Kungfu and Its Weapon Routines (1)
Zhao's 7 Star Fist (1)
Zhao's 7star fist is wide-spread in Cheng Du, Chung Qin areas in Sze Chuan province. Movements of the routine are wide, open, powerful, full of strength in consistant speed.
Demostrations of different Emei routines, including 3-Section Stick, Fire Dragon Fist, 7 Star Fist, Emei fast broadsword, some Emei soft push hands and internal gong.
Qi Xin Fist divided into Big Frame & Small Frame. Fast advance & retreat movements create continous attack & defense movements. Requires the harmony movements between knee, wrist, hand, leg, ankle, elbow, & head. It is called 7 star harmony.
24 Forms Close Body Quo Zhi (1)
One of most important Emei Routine. It was taught to the public starting from in Qing dynasty by ShouDe. It features heavy single hand, solving techniques, how to use power effectively, "Light" hands & fast legs.
Yu's Qi Xin Fist & 3 Section Stick Advances Spear (1)
It was created by a taoist master lived next to WanNan Temple on Emei Mountain. He observed and studied the fights between monkeys and snakes and created this routine. It has the agile movements of monkeys & fierce and softness of snakes. Mostly fist movements; Less leg movements.
Fire Dragon Fist (1)
3 Section Stick (1)
A kind of soft weapons. It was called iron chained sticks. This routine was combined Zhao's and Liuhe 3 section stick. Featuring fast, fierce stick release and stick collection.
A traditional broadsword routine spread widely in Szechuan province. Harmony between eyes, ears, steps, body, & broadsword is very important. "Light" movements.
Emei Night Broadsword (1)
Banch Fist (1)
Traditional Emei routine. A special routine of using surrounding banch, wood, and other easy accessed objects. Very practical for daily self-defense.
by Su, Long
National Wushu judge, Member of Chinese Wushu Association.
Staff Spear (1)
Traditonal routine in Emei Zhao's branch. Featuring combined spear movements of staff and spear.A practical weapon routine.
by Ji, Juang
National Wushu judge
by Dun,Qi Ling
National Wushu judge